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December 5, 2016

By: Colleen Schmidt

Today December 5, 2016 has some interesting lessons from the skies.  First Aquarius Moon is in close conjunction to Pallas (both at 24 degrees of Aquarius) right here is something that can be used to educate us on the astrology.  The Moon represents women but it also represents things like the public in general as well as moods, emotions and the stuff in us that gives us security.  Moon is associated with food for example.

Pallas is a compromising energy.  Here it is all about pleasing others and strategy that is used to get other people to like them.  So with all that is going on right now one need to ask at least some of us are is someone going overboard to try and please another or other people in general.  Are women in particular expected to be more compromising?  It also begs the question of how a person’s security is dependent on their ability to please another/others.

This could be a prominent idea in the next day or so.  But it is interesting to see where it will show up and how.  Even if the 24 degree of Aquarius doesn’t affect you it will be important to note that point on the dial also brings in all fixed signs at 24 degrees (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio).  But on a dial it also hits 9 degree of Cardinal (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries).  A few asteroids here are Erigone for the idea of self-destructive behavior, Icarus for risks, or risk-taking, Persephone for the idea of being alone or having to go it alone all not far from Hades, deterioration.

The other Arm of this axis brings in Saturn/Sun midpoint Saturn (responsibilities and restrictions) conjunct the Sun (the days-the body).  At 16 degrees mutable (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius) This is just a piece of what is happening in the skies today and as always even if it doesn’t ring true for something going on in your life you will still be affected by this energy because someone around you is feeling it.  The fourth leg of the axis is around 2 degree of fixed (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio) Apollon is close to this point and though it gives expansion and even success, it can also mean more than one.  In this case it can indicate more than one task or responsibility (Saturn) for many (Apollon) days (Sun.)

With a little awareness perhaps we can be there for those who are experiencing the more difficult side of a transit.  And for those who are living the experience how are your daily tasks revolving around your need to please another or other people in general.  (At least for today/tomorrow) Is this desire to please another self-destructive or causing self-destructive or risky behavior?  Is there a need for help?  In the 11th hour you are likely to find your help.  But it will also be important for you to be aware of how you got here.

**FYI this is written after this astrologer hurt her back trying to help her partner move furniture.  Feeling awfully restricted at the moment.    😉

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