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The New Moon creates its own Energy!

November 11, 2016

By Colleen Schmidt

This New Moon presents a strong planetary configuration that will likely affect us for the next several weeks.  The New Moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun come together.  This New Moon on November 29 falls at 7 degrees 42 minutes of Sagittarius.  If you understand the workings of the dial, this is in the Aries Point axis by 12 minutes. The actual placement for the mutable planets (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo) is 7 degrees 30 minutes.  Whether this point hits you directly or not you will still be very aware of this energy as it plays itself out, which makes for a great learning opportunity for astrologers and students of astrology.

When the Sun and Moon are together, folks can become more focused.  Some concentrate all their energies into one arena.   The pitfall is a degree of burn out might happen if they are running on purely emotional energy.  The normal way to handle this energy is to be at times very aggressive, then more passive, particularly if it hits you directly.  Yet this month brings Mars energy as well!  Mars also makes an appearance in the Aries Axis together with the Sun and Moon.  This adds to the aggression and self-assertion.  It could also be anger as the Sun/Moon conjunction equates to focus and being very absorbed in one area, which can happen if the focus is anger itself.

Looking at the energy of Sagittarius and it’s ruling planet Jupiter, the anger we are discussing could be simply due to a difference of opinion or philosophy. Sagittarius energy relates to the 9th house of the wheel, the house of philosophy and higher education.  But this placement can also result in an opinionated and even argumentative attitude when it comes to what one believes.  People could be very attached to what they “think” or “believe” right now.  With the addition of the Nodes, people will be argumentative or philosophical in their opinions; Mars energy creates a great deal of aggression in our interactions with others.

Now for those who are trying to achieve lofty goals, this can be a great energy for expansion and focus.  You can apply that energy into making the right connections and taking the right actions.  But if you happen to be someone who is feeling rather angry, even if you have no real reason other than “everything” upsets you, then you might want to take up meditation or some form of stress management.  Yes, the world is angry—but a better use of the anger is to use it to build something constructive. Turn your anger into a meaningful project or cause, something that requires real physical effort.  This could be one of the best ways to use this energy which is overloaded with the potential to accomplish much if properly harnessed.  The lesson is to realize there are some things that are within our ability to control and some things are not.  Truly, there is no point dwelling on what you cannot control!

Mars is in Aquarius, thus already creating an erratic energy (the sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus).  The Sun/Moon combination in Sagittarius along with this Aquarian Mars can cause people to also be impulsive in their actions and responses.  Be wary—and remember Aquarius is also the energy of the humanitarian impulse.  Do something nice for your community, get in there and fight for your beliefs, select an area where you can make a difference and see your impacts.

The people you meet will not always agree with you nor even be on the same page some of the time.  That is life and that is to be expected!  If you can take the time to listen to their point of view, there could be a great deal for you to learn.  It may not change your opinion right now but it could help to expand who you are and what you know.

The Nodes are running at 7 degrees 56 minutes Virgo (North Node) and Pisces (South Node).  This is in the axis with the Sun/Moon as well as that 7 degree mutable place.  Meetings and contacts may not always be easy or go the way one thinks.  Remember that Mars energy may have even those closest to us reacting in surprising ways.

Happy New Moon—may we all find ways of using this month’s energy to its highest good!



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