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New Moon Predictions for November 29, 2016

November 11, 2016

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES:  Memories can be very erratic this month and notably, you may be getting access to information you did not have previously.  While at times your mind seems to be quick yet like everything else right now, even your mind can be unpredictable.  Be wary; some risks or plunges could be self-destructive, particularly to your health. Taking care of yourself and eating properly is an effective habit this month especially. Be sure you pay attention to what you are eating as you could also suffer for that choice.

TAURUS:  Getting to the bottom of things, finding the original cause of things will be important this month.  It could be that you are capable of deeper thinking this month.  Listen to your own internal voice; situations where you may wish to do a complete makeover are highlighted.  Save yourself if you can by NOT doing something backwards. You may experience strange and interesting dreams during this period, which can also indicate difficulty sleeping from time to time.

GEMINI:  The truth may be elusive but it is still important to get to the core of that truth. The idea of getting or giving help can cost you or others; be sure to keep good boundaries particularly with those closest to you.  It does seem as though you can expect things to be very scattered in this next month with a focus on early mornings.  Perhaps to keep yourself ahead of the game, you may have to start your days earlier.  This can cause its own kind of pain during the month.

CANCER:  This month endings can be significant.  When things are over, that sometimes means you are on your own.  Mistakes made by those in authority will come to your attention.  This includes authority figures who behave in shameful ways.  Lies related to money can be very difficult to deal with, whether you are the payer or the payee.  It will be important to stay on top of things this month as there can be some missing information related to both money and opportunities that come into play right now.  Be sure to rest!

LEO:  When you contemplate your work and goals you want to be fair but at times you can still be very pessimistic.  Be wary of private information that arises from work or a goal.  Things can get slowed up when you or others have to depend on others.  It will also be important to be wary of the idea of co-dependency whether you are the one who is dependent or you are the enabler.  Some of these situations will make you feel that you are being held captive.

VIRGO:  Sometimes when you are left on your own it can leave you feeling confused or even lightheaded.  But this is a time when you can make connections even while dizzy.  In more serious matters protect yourself particularly when you are feeling more vulnerable.  This could be a good time to take some time off and withdraw.  There could also be matters regarding a house or building that comes to your attention this month. Career issues, your work and/or your standing in the outer world could be your focus this month.

LIBRA:  This month highlights days when you might be feeling some extra pressure and you could be asking yourself, “Oh God why me?”   It will be important to know and maintain your boundaries.  Situations could arise where you are dealing with some nasty people or situations related to money.  You may have to withdraw from clever people who tend to allow the consequences of their actions to fall on the shoulders of those around them.  In withdrawing from this kind of situation you will find your own kind of victory.

SCORPIO:  Over-reactions can complicate your affairs, so please be alert to this whether your own or someone close to you begins to get upset.  This month features new beginnings, particularly new beginnings for your work or goals.  It seems that production overall this month can be difficult and at times you might feel it was a little too little a little too late. This adds to the confusion and the fact that things feel so scattered.  Early mornings are highlighted this month.  You are also more aware this month of how addictions of all kinds can cause sadness or even death in some situations.

SAGITTAURIUS:  This month the new moon falls in your sign.  This adds to your self-confidence.  This month, Juno (the asteroid of partners) also falls here. The idea of being a part of a partnership will be highlighted.  This also features things like expenses and the idea of fairness.   One of the things it could be featuring is the cost of travel.  There are things that could be happening in the evening where you have to have the attitude of “just do it.”  It will be important to be disciplined this month to achieve what you need to achieve.

CAPRICORN:  This month features keeping your feet firmly on the ground and taking care of things in pieces. This month could also bring an issue related to a sibling or someone whose health may have suffered because of addictions or other things that have gotten out of control.  This is a month that could feature taking risks that involve money.  As things evolve and transform, what is not in your control can also have an effect on your health—be wary of stressful situations overall.

AQUARIUS:   You may be feeling at peace about some decisions this month, but you are not sure how much you should speak out or speak up.   Some of these situations may even feel “destined” in terms of “fate.” In parent child relationships, you might be a champion or you are championing someone close to you.  At times others might think of you as crazy as you become more selfish in your actions this month.  Through clarity and awareness you will feel much of what is going on is “fated”.  This month additionally features strategy related to a sad or serious situations.

PISCES:  Holding on strongly to things that excite you can also lead to your oppression in other ways.  Things are still unclear at times so this too adds to your oppression.  This month also features healing or instructional advice that will not be traditional.  There could be special circumstances.  There is also the thought that advice from authorities will be forthcoming related to something that has gotten out of control.  This might be a good time to research automobiles or other forms of transportation.  You are compassionate but please just be wary that you are not being taken advantage of by others.


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