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What’s happening at the Aries Point?

November 1, 2016

By Colleen Schmidt

Just taking a peek at what is going on these days with all the anger and unrest a terrible political election and what appears to be a huge divide in our country. Not that all the questions can be answered by this one conversation in the stars. Actually there are many things taking place that cause all these issues.  Very interesting that the Pluto + Saturn=Aries point talks of how people are separated. How the development is happening slowly.  Very appropriate when one thinks of what is going on this election.  But dissecting further the energy of Saturn represents our structures, disciplines and ability to be organized.  Saturn can be thought of as parents as well in a natal chart.  So here if we think about this energy as our president and the fact that Pluto is about knowing what it is we can control and what we can’t.  When it comes to Pluto it is what you can’t control that comes to the surface most often. It also refers to change and transformation.  This will be true whether you think Pluto should be downsized to an asteroid or not.

If we stay with our election analogy, it is easy to see since this is a year when our government will most certainly go through its changes (Pluto).  Not everyone agrees so there is much separation (Saturn).  To those living in swing states there is a great deal of commercial saturation and political bashing. We can’t control (Pluto) how much we are bombarded not how much we have to restrict (Saturn) ourselves and our conversations with even our friends.  This is a tough aspect but the good news whether we are ready or not change is coming and a new structure (Saturn) will take hold.  Pluto represents our change and transformation Saturn is our structure.

Both of these energies can be tough and together they are even tougher.  But with only one week to go, we are all getting pretty sick of the political situation and know that it will eventually come to an end, at least we hope so.  But this energy can relate to other areas of your life as well, particularly if you are directly affected by the positions of either Saturn or Pluto. In the Aries Point there is no way to avoid the energies as they are operating on a world or outer world level. One has to simply pick up a news paper, read the Internet headlines or watch the TV news to know you can’t escape it, the news is everywhere. It makes one want to ask the question “can’t we all get along?” or “can’t we all agree or at least agree to disagree?” Are we so stuck (Saturn) in our ways that we can’t move forward and make the necessary changes? (Pluto) Besides, all this energy is about evolving and the evolution of our consciousness as a world.

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