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Under the New Moon:  A continuing look at the Asteroids

October 14, 2016

By:  Colleen Schmidt

We all have many asteroids in our natal charts. I hope a little education about Asteroids encourages more astrologers and students of astrology to use these little rocks because of the detail they add to chart work.

This month the Sun/Moon axis holds many asteroids in this axis so we will look at a few of these starting with an easy one TRUTH.  It is obvious what this asteroid could mean but as it is retrograde, meaning it appears to be going backward in its orbit, it makes us wonder “Are we getting the truth?”  At best, the truth is muddled right now.  There is also a sense that we are made a PATSY or we fear something else or perhaps a general feeling of fear is present.

As we look further, the asteroid ADMETE brings a sense of having to endure and a strong feeling of being stuck.  Remember, this can also indicate the importance of getting to the bottom of things!  This asteroid too is retrograde so it won’t be easy.  There may be a great deal of perseverance and patience needed from you.  The good news is that ADMETE does help one to remain firm and resilient even if you feel at times that you have no choice but to endure.

The Sun/Moon are running with HEBE for service people, but also for co-dependency type issues as well as AURORA for early mornings and the fact that life gets very scattered and hectic.  Obviously, in this arena we are pursuing the elusive truth.  HEBE puts an emphasis on whether people are co-dependent or are they enablers—a useful point to be aware of.  There is a further bigger question—whether or not you have to be one of these at all.  Does the idea of co-dependency make someone more scattered and less focused?  Does it require that one ADMETE or endure longer?

Now we will examine another asteroid in the axis of the Sun/Moon: URANIA where logical thinking is enshrined, it also refers to things like astrology. Along with URANIA is ASTERIA for spirituality, and ASTERIA sits with Pluto.  Pluto?  What does Pluto in the axis at all tell us? Is it that things are changing whether we want it or not?  Yet being logical may be required and to do that may mean going within to our spiritual selves.  We can see that the truth is being evasive.  We know we can’t truly believe all we are hearing as both asteroids KRONOS for authorities and KASSANDRA for listening are also both retrograde!  Is the KRONOS or authority credible?  KASSANDRA can also indicate advice.  With both of these rocks retrograde it is unlikely any of us will really listen or take that advice in any case.

With this category energy being felt it can be tough to be someone who gives advice; the truth is so evasive at present there is no telling how effective that advice will be.  All we are left with is our own HEKATE or the inner wisdom we can discover if we are willing to go inside ourselves.  Dreams can also be useful and hold some messages utilizing the energy of HEKATE which falls into this axis.  But here again HEKATE or wisdom could come in strange ways since she too is retrograde!  Then again at a time when truth isn’t easy to come by it will also be tough to trust inner judgment.  But ADMETE encourages us to hang in there so consider that it just might be time for us to go inside and consult HEKATE while trusting what you believe with the inclusion of ASTERIA.  There are many more asteroids and interactions that could be considered and we may cover them in future newsletter.



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