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New Moon Predictions for October 30, 2016

October 14, 2016

By Colleen Schmidt/2016

ARIES:  It will be important to look at things that tend to be self-destructive and at things that may have gotten out of control.  This can be as mundane as car issues or as serious as health issues whether for you or someone close to you. Unpredictability continues to the theme of the day so whatever is going on it will tend to be sudden if not unpredictable!  Justice and just rewards could feel far away, but they are closer than you think.

TAURUS:  Using charm is one way to gain access to information that you were not privy to, but then again does that information correlate with what you remember?  This will not be a good month to depend on your memories.  You could also be feeling a bit stuck with something, or life in general.  It could be you want to make something over, either yourself or maybe your living space.  Very likely things will be done backwards this month no matter what the project, so be prepared.

GEMINI:  The truth can seem evasive right now.  But don’t give up, because you know it is important.  Be sure to maintain your boundaries with those closest to you.  This month will also feature helping others or receiving help yourself.  With that said realize that helping or getting help can also lead to chaos or creates chaos.  A lot of the crap you go through this month will happen in the early mornings.  This same energy can also contribute to how scattered things are.

CANCER:  This month features endings and some of those endings could be painful, at the very least something painful could be coming to an end. It also comes with the idea that there are times when we have to go it alone or be on our own.  Lies could be a problem this month. This includes issues with money or even lying about money.  It will also be important to question any and all opportunities this month, not all the information is available.

LEO:  Keeping distance can be a way for you to keep things feeling fair this month.  Another way to state this is keeping a business attitude in your affairs.  There could be some pessimism with regards to being made a pasty.  The fact that you have to depend on others can slow up the process and right now it DOES feel as though things are moving along slowly.  This month also features situations where you or others feel they are being held captive in some way or by some circumstance.

VIRGO:  Having to deal with the issues and influences of others and that can include their pain will be a theme this month, particularly with some of your newer connections. But it is also a month when you can make the right kind of connections or contacts.  Timing could be better overall.  It is also a good time to use your intuition to take advantage of this.   Sometimes it will be good for you to withdraw as a way to protect yourself!

LIBRA:  When people get together there can be a tendency to over-react, creating intrigue or making things more complicated. All of this will be noticeable this month.  Now is also a good time to plan for the unexpected in what you do even though it will be tough if not impossible to do this exceptionally well. There can be some new beginnings related to work or business giving you or others the opportunity to be more productive.

SCORPIO:  The New Moon in the sign of Scorpion can give you a boost of self-esteem.  There can be many things going on, some of which will be opportunities to expand but there is also a need to be wary of co-dependencies and issues within partnerships.  One of the issues you could come upon this month is the idea of being a little too little and a little too late in certain situations. It will feel that you are constantly cleaning or clearing something up with no end or resolution in sight.

SAGITTARIUS:   Solving problems are featured this month; in some cases it can be as simple as a smile.  There can be a great deal going on this month and you may well be able to accomplish a great deal if you don’t run out of gas in the meantime.  When it comes to addictions and behaviors that have gotten out of control this can be a good time to stop or restrict that behavior.  This will be particularly true in areas that can affect your health or health matters.

CAPRICORN:  With Mars in your own sign there can be more aggression and assertion in achievement of your goals.  There can also be a sense of peace with regard to children or areas of your life where you have a great deal of pride.  Spirituality and being more spiritual can help deal with those things that are out of your control.  There are still so many things where not all the information is known.  Decisions as well as competitions are a focus this month.

AQUARIUS:  Being more aware of expectations, particularly the expectations to please another could be an issue this month.  It will be important to remain aware and true to yourself.  What originally excited you could now be a source of disappointment and even though things are not clear now, they will be in time. It will be important to continue to enlighten and educate yourself to define what you do believe.  At times you might have to be a bit like Medusa to get what you need.

PISCES:  It is the lack of clarity that makes things feel so oppressive right now.  But really what is going on is an opportunity to let go of your ego and all that is attached to it. It will be important for you to be compassionate not just for others, particularly children but also for the child inside of you.  Listening to and giving advice are featured this month, but asking authorities may not be as effective since what you or others are dealing with does not follow traditional rules. Life can feature turning points for you right now.


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