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New Moon Predictions for September 30, 2016

September 15, 2016

By: Colleen Schmidt

ARIES:  This month may well be the time you might want to keep your head down!  Can you do better working behind the scenes or perhaps off on your own somewhere?  Risks taken now can prove self-destructive.  Health matters can be very unpredictable.  You might spark memories of old relationships or partnerships and even be thinking a great deal about marriage but again, consider keeping calm and creating some distance.

TAURUS:  There is significance in regards to food, either as a “reward” or perhaps some food that gets its own reward so be alert!  Yet this can also be related to mothers…perhaps rewards or even justices between mother and child.  You may discover access to knowledge you did not have previously. This information can also be a trigger for memories.

GEMINI:  Helping others or even getting help yourself could be costly this month. It will be very important to keep an eye on your boundaries, particularly with those closest to you.   Wisdom from your dreams is also highlighted.  Days can look very scattered and too crazy, with early mornings featured.  Consider starting early in the morning to be prepared for your day ahead!

CANCER:   This month can feature some painful endings.  Some of the pain may come from endings where you must go it alone or be alone on some level.  Lies can be the culprit for other pain, particularly lies about money. It will be important to question opportunities that come to you right now.  There could also be an opportunity to put a stop to something.  You really don’t want to be made a patsy—be aware of your boundaries and responsibilities!

LEO:  Things seem to go slowly, and yet they may have to be done more than once.  Work or service that depends on others is also featured this month.  Depending on others can also feel like you are being held for ransom or captive in some way because you need their help.  There could also be some temptation this month regarding a serious matter.  Be wary also of situations where you or others might feel light-headed or dizzy!

VIRGO:  You may have so much pressure this month that you might find yourself asking “Why God, why me?”  Situations can feel very explosive to you and you must protect yourself or those closest to you.  Some evils in life are necessary.  It is also a month when you can form new contacts or new connections. Being clever with money is also featured.  There could also be some sad news and there is a focus on paperwork and communication.

LIBRA:  Be wary of over reacting this month, Libra!  People seem to be bonding together over sad or complicated matters.  You or others could be surprised by legal or educational matters.  Optimism is good but you also have to have logic behind your plans.  There are some new beginnings at work that could have you or others focusing on body or body issues.

SCORPIO:  Trying to clean things up is a never ending situation this month. One of the issues could be that it feels like you or someone close to you has to do things over and over again.  Partnerships are featured this month, but so is the idea of fairness.  Listen to your gut, both literally and figuratively speaking, particularly when it comes to protecting yourself or others.

SAGITTAURIUS:  This month can features things like a sibling’s business.  But it can also feature things that have many pieces or businesses with many branches.  This month also features the cost of health care or a health issue.  It also points out that sometimes people tend to pretend their excited about something.  There can also be some unexpected interruptions this month. This month also features restrictions or burdens that also feel risky to you.

CAPRICORN:  You are capable of more aggressive action in this cycle Energy could be used for food preparation or to take better care of your parents.  Parent/child relationships could be featured, so it would also be time to be more active with children or spending time with a parent.  There also seem to be a great deal going on in a situation where you don’t have enough information.  You could even feel pressured when it comes to making decisions.

AQUARIUS:  Things can feel very “fated” right now.  There can be an abundance of things you are worried about right now.  One of those things could be the fact that people can be very self serving.  There could be situations this month that are serious enough to require some real planning and real strategy to work out. It is not always easy to work with others but sometimes it is the only way to achieve your personal goals.

PISCES:  Issues involving children will require compassion.  The lack of clarity can also make you feel oppressed right now and timing seems to be off.  But ultimately there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.  It may also be important right now to question those in authority or any advice that is given.  With all that is going on right now it will be important to learn all that you can to give you further understanding into just what the truth for you is!



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