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More Lessons on the Asteroids: By Colleen Schmidt

September 15, 2016

From the New Moon at 8 degrees of Libra 15 minutes!

The Sun/Moon axis for this month immediately tells us about several asteroids that come to the forefront immediately.  Firstly,  this Sun/Moon axis is running with Arachne, which simply put could be the web(internet) or represent intrigue and complicated matters.  A single glance at any spider web shows that the web shape contributes an element of complication, capture, threat or intrigue.  Looking across at the other side of this Sun/Moon conjunction we see the asteroid Dionysus.  This asteroid points out addictions and denials of emotional realities.  And then again, don’t most people use drugs or alcohol not to deal with things?  All of these angles/points are running together within a degree.

If the Sun represents our desires and the Moon our securities, then how do addictions and emotional denials of reality complicate our lives?  Could it be our addiction to technology is finally and effectively letting people put their heads in the sand when it comes to what is important to us emotionally?

Looking at the “arms” the four mathematical points of this axis**(for further definitions please see the Dial post) we see things Diana, perhaps showing our need to protect or be protected.  It is at the same time also the idea of being or at least feeling hunted. With the Transneptunian Apollon also present with them it might be business we are trying to either avoid or protect.  But Apollon includes the idea that there is always more than one and since Apollon shows up with Astraea then we know that this is not only many issues or many matters but also the fact that they will be unresolved for a time, at least for now.  With Astraea is Hygeia, so there is a need to clean or clear things up but again it will not be resolved easily.

This can also represent those who are trying to protect themselves in business or the business of protecting!  With Persephone in the mix you get the idea of going off on your own, or doing something alone.  With both Vipera and Patsy sitting here keeping her company you get the idea that one has to protect oneself in order not to be the Patsy!

Getting back to Diana, (the protection/hunter-prey angle) she is seen with many other asteroids Zeus (the asteroid) tells us that we have expectations/anxieties about protection.  With Hara we need to pay attention to our guts, literally. Cupido also brings in the idea of appearances. So when it comes to appearances it will be important to trust our guts!

The idea of Conscience also shows on one arm of this Sun/Moon axis combined as well with Asteria representing concepts of Spirituality/Metaphysics and so forth as well as Requiem for finding peace.  This makes real the chance that our answers may lie in our hearts and in our Spirituality.  But an Astrologer or Psychic could also help one to find peace.  Requiem falls here, but not alone.  The spiritual factors could be pointing to either what needs to be worked on or where the answers lie.  Why not both?  Personally, I think it will be both.  Our peace lies within us, no matter what is going on in the outside world.

As a side note I thought it was interesting that the Sun/Moon axis features the Transneptunians Hade/Kronos midpoint.  This is the idea of mistakes and shaming as well as bad behavior (Hades) of those who are authorities (Kronos).  So unfortunately when it comes to the national news, expect more of the same coverage.  In context, we have to ask ourselves if we need to protect ourselves from those in charge or those who are in positions of authority.  It also holds a Mars/Pluto midpoint.  This can indicate manipulative (Pluto) action (Mars) related to power plays (Pluto).  This can be a tough combination as Pluto often relates to energy that feels out of our control and Mars is aggressive and assertive action.

This is quite a whirlwind!  We also have to ask ourselves IF are we just accepting (Requiem) the bad behavior (Hades) of those in charge (Kronos) all the while just trying to protect ourselves (Diana) from the (Pluto) manipulative power plays and (Mars) aggressive actions of others.

We only have to look at what we hear and read about everyday to see Astrology in action, feeling that it is important to also remember that our own actions are for the higher good and not for power!




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