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Interaction of the Planets!

August 25, 2016

Written by Colleen Schmidt

Interaction of the planets is one of the areas where Astrology can get hazy! At this point one can also separate those who will ferret it all out and those who might give it up. My challenge will be to dabble into this area or depth and see if I can manage to make it palatable.

Starting by clarifying the energy. Defining the energy type and strength. Example of this might be the Sun and how it relates to say the Moon. This energy comes into play not only within each individual but also within relationships. The Sun is the center of that which we desire or which spurs us on, motivates and inspires us as people. This is true whether we are looking at the person across the way or in the mirror. The Moon on the other hand is what is needed to make us secure. The Moon is the emotional seat and all the things necessary to making an individual feel safe.

In any circumstance if these two come in contact they will certainly have a strong affect on one another. From beneficial aspects such as trines and conjunctions to the less desirable aspects such as the square or opposition. This is a great thing to look at even within a relationship. Relationships of all kinds are based on the aspects of the Sun of one person in aspect to either the Sun or Moon of the other. Sometime the less desirable aspects work better when between two people then they do when it is within the chart of one person. For example a Sun opposite Moon in a natal chart can be trying as the Moon or security is opposite the propelling desires of the Sun. But when the opposition happens between two people it can be a very good stabilizer for a friendship. So no matter what the relationship, it will have an added edge of one person really liking the other person. However, if the two Suns are in one of the lesser desirable aspects, it could increase the amount of conflict between two people.

When looking at the aspects between the Sun and Moon realize this does not make or break a situation, person or situation. It is only one of the ways in which we can understand what makes some relationships easier then others.

In a personal chart the Sun and Moon represent our parents and the kind of relationship they shared and how that relationship affects you the individual. The relationship can see itself repeated within other relationships. Often times learning some difficult lessons either via our close relationships or the romantic ones can be seen in a chart. Through learning about these energies there is a greater ability to heal from them. Awareness is the key and that is what Astrology makes possible.

Astrology presents the language to help greater understand the lessons of the soul. As a Key to Empowerment, through astrology there can be much understanding as well as healing.

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