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September 1, 2016 Eclipse

August 16, 2016

by Colleen Schmidt

We are being affected by a very powerful eclipse.  This strong energy could be felt as far back as July, even June for some.  Some serious issues have been building momentum for resolution over time.  This is culminating into some likely life changing impacts for those who are “hit” by these aspects now happening in this eclipse.

As I mentioned in the New Moon article, the eclipse is asking us to grow up, to mature and evolve as people.  This particular eclipse comes with a very difficult T-square.  That means that the 9 degree Virgo, Sun and Moon are squaring both the 10 degree Sagittarius Saturn and the 10 degree Pisces Neptune.  So before I begin talking about what each of these mean in the whole aspect, we will talk about a T-Square.

A T-Square is a dynamic energy that can make a person feel as if they are involved in a huge struggle either within themselves or with the world at large.  Yet the good thing is that T-Squares can help us achieve miracles in our life.  It may not feel good along the way but it generally leaves us in a better stronger place when it is over.

Saturn is considered the taskmaster of the planets.  Saturn brings to us a sense of being burdened or restricted.  It represents our structures.  Neptune indicates a lack of clarity, like a ship afloat a misty sea.   So our very structure is in question.  The fact is that we are dealing with a Sagittarian Saturn and a Piscean Neptune, both being flexible signs— immediately stability is a factor.  What might not feel stable is what we think of as our truth and our perceptions of morality. Our personal philosophies that we hold so near and dear are in question. The energy of Neptune puts all of this on shaky ground with no clear vision.  It can be so disconcerting.  But in the end, after the struggles, these new structures resulting from the shift hold the promise of our lives being better than before.

This eclipse, like many eclipse lessons, will help us understand that not all our losses are a loss, some are in fact opportunities.  In most cases where we will be left after the eclipse will be in a stronger place.  We will hopefully have more awareness of the goals we set for ourselves and how we can use the present setbacks to help launch us forward.  It may be that the belief system we held on to for so long is no longer helping us but is now holding us back.  It is time to look at new ways of thinking so that we can continue to grow and evolve in the way

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