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New Moon Predictions for September 1, 2016

August 16, 2016

Written by Colleen Schmidt

This New Moon represents the Equinox.  It is our fall Eclipse or Solar Eclipse with the Lunar Eclipse just two weeks later.  This can be a very profound time as this energy has been building for the last twelve weeks.  For many these are difficult times, as my teacher has mentioned many times.  Eclipses require that we grow up and get rid of what we no longer need.  Sometimes the things we no longer need get ripped from us.  At that time, it is difficult for us to know it is better that way.  Saturn is square exactly the Sun/Moon of this eclipse and the others mentioned square Neptune, so it is NOT an easy time.  Let’s be kind to one another!

ARIES:    Be wary Aries!  Risks that are taken now can have an effect on your health.  Some can be quite self-destructive.  Perhaps you have been seeking clarity but wonder if you can trust the advice you are getting from those in charge?  You might want to jump into something, but it would be better if you looked before you jumped.  Sudden reactions and unpredictable events and people are featured this month.

TAURUS:  Some memories are not very clear right now.  Be wary that you are not taking it out on your partner.  It can also be a time of just rewards with regard to taking care of yourself or others who are in your care.  You may be charming and gain access to information that was not previously available to you.  It could also feel from time to time your thinking is stuck or limited.  Better to use this as a time to go deeper in your thinking.

GEMINI:  Dreams can hold your truth this month.  Internal wisdom is featured.  The truth is critically important to you.  It also refers to helping others or to receiving help and in some cases this can come with money. But in all cases it will be important to mind your boundaries, particularly with those closest to you.  Someone could push you this month: sometimes causing chaos, sometimes causing endings.

CANCER:  It is good for you to question things this month as there is much you do not know or understand.  At times it will be best to completely stop something until you have your answers.  Answers are hard to come by right now.  Lies are featured this month, particularly with regard to money. Opportunities, especially related to work or goals could leave you with a sense of “gloom and doom.”  It many ways it is all about what’s fair!

LEO:  There are some journeys in life we have to take on our own.  There could be sad situations that leave people depending on one another.  There could be great pressure regarding a situation where a person doesn’t feel like they “fit.” In some cases you might be aware of those who feel captive in their situation.  A necessary evil could be causing some concern or even sadness.

VIRGO:  Here is the direct hit of the eclipse, indicating a time when you might need to set up good structures.  Perhaps your old structures are no longer helping?  You are working hard to be more credible and set up strategies logically.  Watch out!  Some people are excellent at letting the consequences of their actions fall onto others.  It even refers to how clever structures can allow people to get away with things.

LIBRA:  This month features work, neighbors and new beginnings.  It is a great time to start a diet or work on your body image Libra.  The body and body language are featured this month.  Dependency and the idea of service people also show up this month and none of it will be easy to resolve.  This month also features dealing with those you might be in charge of or responsible for; you might feel a little too little and a little too late.

SCORPIO:  You may have  a sense of “here we go again,” when it comes to dealing with computers and their issues such as viruses.  This could be an issue this month and the fact that things have gotten out of control will be to blame. This includes dealing with expenses and banking finances.  You could be looking at the expense of fixing a vehicle.  Family pets or animals could also be featured this month.  Solving problems could be involved which always means taking a risk.

SAGITTARIUS:  Health matters may not be what you expected this month.  It will be important to make sure you are taking care of yourself and in particular eating well.  There could be more interest in making extra money right now. With both Saturn and Mars here, there could also be a great deal of hard work in whatever you are getting involved in right now.  It is important to deal with your angry feelings right now, so they don’t backfire on you.

CAPRICORN:   You might have a great sense of peace with things they way they are right now, but realize there is a great deal going on that you are unaware of.  This can upset your complacency. There can be some important decisions that have to be made right now.  Just be wary that you are not being manipulated into your decisions by others who have their own agenda.  And be mindful of those things you are proud of as this month, because your pride could backfire.

AQUARIUS:  Speaking out right now has its own issues.  This could cause you to think twice before saying anything.  It might be more important to think about yourself right now and your own needs.  Not putting yourself first right now could make you a bit of a monster, so be wary!  It may be that you are putting together a plan to help you to figure out just what it is that will put that spring back into your step.

PISCES:  With Neptune in your sign, you are directly affected by this eclipse.  The fact that things are not that clear to you could feel oppressive.  What will be important right now is compassion.  Whether you give it to someone or you receive it, compassion will be a wonderful tool right now. Necessary changes seem to be happening so slowly.  Exceptions/exemptions from the past could come to your attention this month.


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