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Sun Axis of this Month’s New Moon 

July 22, 2016

Written by Colleen Schmidt

This month we look further at the asteroids and the chart points through the dial axis of the Sun/Moon conjunction at 10 degrees 58 minutes. The Sun/Moon conjunction is the midpoint of Jupiter and the Aries point. Simply put, this indicates a general sense of well-being and contentment.   So…most people won’t have too many problems and if they do, they aren’t going to spend too much time worrying about it.  This lends itself to an optimistic attitude.  The only problem here would be in becoming too lax.

The Axis of the Sun also points to Siva.  This can indicate a time away so this is a great time possibly take some time off, maybe take a holiday.  Even if you can’t get away literally, take time for yourself–this month it will be crucial.  Siva is also an asteroid that relates to seasonal or the idea of everything having a season.  There is a dark aspect to this asteroid.  Siva can also represent “rages” that can be destructive.  It is only logical that one way to prevent rages would be to withdraw.

Another asteroid worth mentioning is D’arrest.  This asteroid is as it sounds; it is a stopping point.  This asteroid which indicates a halt is running in this axis with Siva, thereby “stopping something” could be that “withdraw”.  It can also indicate the end of rages and destruction.  Here also is Poseidon which adds the end of believing to the mix.

Poseidon might be indicating that going away and being around water could be very good for clarity.  Much will seem to test us throughout this coming month.  Do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable.  The vulnerability comes when we add in the asteroid Achilles.  The fact that this will all test us is shown by the asteroid Tantalus.

It can also relate to the fact that Seasonally (Siva) this is a time when we all feel vulnerable (Achilles).  Look at how the need to withdraw (Siva) and stop what we are doing (D’arrest) are combining.  The asteroid of Hebe is also prominent.  Hebe is the asteroid of service but it is also the asteroid of co-dependency and enabling one another.  If we are on vacation or only away from home, Hebe can be those who are serving us.  But it is also how we are all of service to others.  And this also makes us vulnerable (Achilles) to being tested (Tantalus) by others. This might lead to rages of destruction (Siva) or times when one has to withdraw (Siva) or completely stop something (D’arrest).

On a completely different note for all those who want to stop smoking, this New Moon Sun brings a great opportunity.  One of the asteroids of smoking (Duke) falls in with (D’arrest) or stopping, so this favors those who are quitting smoking.  Then again…see how it could help deal with stopping things in other areas of your life where there may be a great deal of smoke.  As I said earlier, a great time to take a holiday!

Happy August!



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