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Predictions for August 2, 2016 New Moon:

July 22, 2016


ARIES:  You might want to seek advice from those in authority in order to gain clarity.  Yet you may not always believe what you hear—be sure to listen well.   Realize taking risks can sometimes be very self-destructive, particularly towards your health.  Realize before you commit yourself how things can be rather unpredictable during this time.  Family and those closest to you are featured and see how to find your peace at home.

TAURUS:  This month features many kinds of just rewards.  If you have been taking care of yourself this can be a great time to enjoy the benefits.  When it comes to the truth, which is very important this month, be sure to listen to your intuition.  Dreams can also be profound this month.  It also refers to photographs that can help hold on to memories.  It even features memories of the West, if not your own, then someone else’s.

GEMINI:  This month is about getting and giving help.  Just remember to keep tending to boundaries, particularly with those closest to you.  The issues featured this month could be the reason things ARE chaotic.  Early mornings are emphasized this month and there will be some endings, some of which might be quite painful; yet for others these endings will also be signaling the end of pain, be it physical or the heartbreak variety.

CANCER:  There could be some feelings of “gloom and doom” this month particularly with your work or goals.  It may feel like either things are going so very slowly or they must be done more than once to get them right.   Situations where you might feel like a “Patsy” can make you sad as well as significantly affect your sleep.  You may discover a dependency issue.  Someone might be depending too much on someone else.  In some cases this is difficult because people are so different.

LEO:  The New Moon is in Leo presently.  This bodes well for new projects as it can give you greater confidence.  Yet that confidence also includes recognizing that sometimes you must protect yourself.  People feeling captive in their own homes could come to your attention this month.  This is a good month to get away if you can, even if only to enjoy one summer evening. It is prudent to pay attention to finances, perhaps by being more creative in how you handle them.

VIRGO:  Credibility in your work is crucial to you.  Be wary you are not over-thinking situations or using your logic as a way to not deal with the more emotional issues.  Pay attention to any new beginnings related to your work or goals as this can be a very productive time—your ability to set up further expansion and success will hinge on how you can use this new energy.   Be wary of over-reactions whether yours or from another.

LIBRA:  This month is very physically oriented.  Health concerns could be the motivating force.  Something could feel inflamed and if it is not you yourself then perhaps around you.  Addictions or addictive behavior could be highlighted as well as a need to get things cleaned or cleared up.  The need to do something over again by another will feel like a greater risk than when first performed.

SCORPIO:  Your attitude this month?  “Just do it!” particularly in your health.  The travel business or those who travel for business may be encountered.  The month also features the pets of partners or the expense of having an animal.  It can also be an indication of a partnership where the individuals are good at avoiding each other.  Whatever happens over the next four weeks, consider if doing things in discrete chunks would be better for you.

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars is now direct.  As it is in the sign of Sag there could well be a surge of aggression or competition, even if not consciously planned.  You might feel more of a need to take direct actions.  Normally you have good intuitive abilities yet lately your intuition is a bit off.  This can be its own weakness.   Money continues to be tight, so don’t over spend.  Pay extra attention to your health this month.

CAPRICORN:  Right now, you could be enjoying a sense of peace.  This month can be more retrospective.  You could be involved in making decisions that could feel “destined” as well as feeling more conscious of what is destined for you.  The ego could be responding to the results of a selection or rejection process that brings on transitions and inner transformation.

AQUARIUS:  In this sign too there is a more retrospective energy.  For Aquarius, this retrospection comes with a slowness to speak out or speak up.  Sometimes a person doesn’t speak because they fear the reaction.  Be aware that selfishness has its own expectations. Maybe it is that the selfish expect too much?  When dealing with these issues, a person has to be wary they are not driving themselves crazy.

PISCES:  There is still a bit of oppression directed towards you this month.  But you are putting plans into action to assert yourself and to deal with your oppressors.  This will be particularly so with the things you are most excited about, what is near to your heart.  Compassion, whether it is compassion toward you or from you to someone else, requires your attention.  Special children, or those different in some way, may cross your path sometime this month.







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