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New Moon Predictions for July 4, 2016

June 13, 2016

ARIES:  This month be alert to “advice” as it can bring clarity—be sure you are listening!  Make sure you not only listen well, but that you listen to credible authority figures as well.  Keep in mind sometimes taking risks can be very self-destructive. This month may feature “just rewards” particularly for those who are charming and can endure as there are several asteroids that can also help you through being charming or Nymph like and digging your heels in.

TAURUS:  Remembering your dreams may bring you insights during this New Moon.  Someone could be dealing with the truth of a makeover or perhaps they will find that just dealing in truth and honesty itself can be “the makeover.”  Listen to the wisdom within you when it comes to things that tempt you so obviously money could be an issue.  This month, more so than most, it would be wise to listen to the voice within you.

GEMINI:  While there may be some excitement about endings in general this month, yet some can also bring sadness.  There could also be some pain issues related to these endings.  Money could also be an issue…especially as this month money matters could go very slowly.  The fact that you are on your own can also add to the slowness and even the stopping of something.

CANCER:  This New Moon features the night time hours and how things might get very out of hand during those times.   The energies also indicate that work or serving others can tend to feel like you are a captive who is being held hostage for some kind of ransom.  New opportunities for work or work related goals can come with a sense of gloom and doom in the moment, but you may also have unanswered questions about the situation.

LEO:  This month may highlight cyclic events, such as money you make seasonally. It also seems to indicate the need to be clever and have good structures in place in order to actually take a risk “safely” with credible reasoning.   Watch your boundaries with others and be aware that being logical is good; but not if logic is being used to not deal with more emotional matters or issues. This does indicate plans or designs to make one more productive.

VIRGO:  Featured this month is the idea of over-reacting and how that causes its own grief.  Excitement about surprises and new beginnings at work or related to goals also should be observed to be sure of not overreacting.  You are seeing good connections being made now but of course not all of them will work out, as some will feel a little too little and a little too late.

LIBRA:  Early mornings are featured along with science and technology.  This is also a month to be more aware of your body image.  There could be matters related to money or banking in general where you feel that sense of “here we go again.”  Listen to your gut and pay attention to your physical gut as well.  Computer and computer issues can tend to be your Achilles’ heel right now—watch out!

SCORPIO:  This month features being very aware of what is going on around you.  Paying in pieces or making payments are also featured as this gives you the ability to “just do it.” Solving problems is also emphasized this month, yet you might find you are solving things but not in the manner you expected.

SAGITTARIUS:  Health matters continue to be a restrictive issue for you.  Be mindful of your money right now and watch what you are spending.  This month also features interruptions and disruptions.  In all that is going on this month, make sure you are taking care of yourself and eating properly.  Parent/Child matters may also come to your attention this month.

CAPRICORN:  There are so many things in life you expected to be at peace with yet you are not.  So this month, consider turning more toward “spiritual matters.”  There may be many things going on you are not aware of right now and some of these issues can and will affect your pride.  The continual changes will require that you make some decisions.

AQUARIUS:  There could be a stronger sense of destiny and your awareness of what is destined for you right now.  You seem to be more conscious of it no matter what else is happening.  Be wary!  You may find yourself needing to speak out and you don’t.  These times could cause you to lose some sleep.  The idea of selfishness and people being very “self centered” will test you this month.

PISCES:   Be wary that pleasing others can sometimes be bad for you.  This is particularly true if you are dealing with a very demanding and difficult person.  Things still feel oppressive to you but much of that could be due to the lack of clarity with all that is going on around you.  It will be important to continue to be compassionate particularly in your dealings with children or a child.


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