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Asteroid Basics: Berenike, Phaethon, Nut on the Aries Point

June 13, 2016

Going back to basics, let us look at what falls at the Aries Point for the next New Moon of July 4, 2016.  As a previous post on the Aries point states, it that 0 degree point of any of the four cardinal signs: Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra.  This point affects us all either directly or indirectly as it represents this world. This is a major universal point so it is well worth a look at what falls there.  **In reviewing this point, there was a great deal of Jupiter which is optimism and expansion.  All kinds of good will are possible, however it will also be easy to over-do it on many levels.  Just an FYI~

When we view what asteroids are falling on the Aries point we start with two simple questions.  What is the meaning for each one?   What is the “conversation” they are having between themselves?   So let us look at a few key words for each starting with Phaethon.  This asteroid brings to mind things like vehicles (such as automobiles) and Phaethon is also an asteroid associated with things that can get out of control.

Berenike is also having a conversation with the Aries Point.   Berenike is associated with haircuts or hair in general.  In conversation with Phaethon there is a sense that one might be more aware of another’s hair cut, or perhaps someone went too far with a cut.  More likely someone’s hair is out of control and now they need a haircut!

Nut also falls here and she is the goddess of night, as well as the protector of the sky and the sun.  This goddess is also strongly associated with life and death.  Considering our weather of late, the idea of things getting out of control can also be related to the crazy weather we have been experiencing.  We can also see that there is a possibility that someone is being protective at night, or needs protection at night.  There is also other chances it related to someone is getting a haircut in the evening or even someone who gets a haircut for a funeral.  It can even be associated with a haircut one might be given as the body is prepared for viewing after death.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Is this what is going on in your life directly or indirectly?  Perhaps someone is enjoying the evening air or taking nighttime drives in a convertible, letting their long hair fly????



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