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The Sun’s Axis for the New Moon of June 4, 2016

May 13, 2016

Those of you newer to astrology in general or asteroids in specific, it is important to understand all the value these little rocks can bring to astrology.  Personally I have incorporated asteroids and Transneptunians (Transneptunians are points in space used in German Astrology) in my work during the last thirty years. It is amazing how accurate they can be.  There are literally thousands of asteroids in our solar system with over twenty thousand of those named.  In the last forty years asteroids have captured the imaginations of many astrologers; these astrologers have expanded what we can study and the level of detail we can provide as astrologers.  With that introduction let’s continue to educate ourselves on some of those little rocks.  We have several interesting scenarios with the New Moon Chart’s Sun and how asteroids expand our interpretive options.

One of the things the chart and asteroid placement talks of is saving (Savo).   This could be money as there is a money asteroid (Peyo) involved.  But Peyo is retrograde (appears to be going backward) so it is not going to act the way we would expect normally.  Has Pay been what was expected?  Does something feel like it is holding you hostage (Ransome) **Yes, that is how we spell the asteroid, not a misspelling.  Situations might be that you go to do it or be a part of it yet you do not get paid (whatever “pay” is for you)   Furthermore, there can be a sense of gloom and doom (Atlantis).  Credibility is emphasized as (Credo) also falls here.  Yet, there is also much going on that is not known with (Kalypso).

Other concerns may be to watch what you eat (Demeter) as it can affect your stomach (Hara). This is also a reminder to listen to your gut particularly in parent/child situations.  With (Asteria), spiritual work or fortune telling can also be involved.  These are but a few of the scenarios you might either witness or run into with our next new moon, and it is asteroids that give us this detailed level of insight.  Let me know how asteroids are affecting you!






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