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The New Moon in Taurus:  A Deeper Look.

April 21, 2016

The next new moon falls at 16 degrees of Taurus 41 minutes.  Last month we looked at a simple math structure related to the new moon but today we will just look at the axis of the Sun for that day.  Yes, I know…here we go with math again!  But really we are using our dial so the points are easier to see and to work out.  We will be able to see all the points and in particular asteroids that might fall there.  For those who study astrology, be aware I use only 1 degree of orb for this exercise.  We are looking only for direct hits.  So our axis is 16.41 fixed (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) = 1.41 Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer).  At the 22.30 axis on the dial we have 24.11 Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) and 9.11 Mutable (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo).  So if you have any points being hit by the above degree points then you can expect energy to come your way in that area of your life.

Now the asteroids that fit into that axis or cross on the dial are:  Lie, Painlevel and Hill are all ALIGNED? with the Sun and Moon directly. Sitting with Sappho, Pandora, Nachbaur, Panacea, Nike, Askalaphus, Hybris.  Now all of these asteroids are telling us many things and yet they are all one leg of the axis.  Is someone lying about their pain?  What surprises do we see in our neighborhoods or with neighbors in general?  Who are we bonding with right now?  Is it solving problems by just doing it? Does it all feel like it is just something we “have to do or deal with?”  These are possible Karmic lessons. On the next arm we see Truth and Terpsichore R.  Is it the truth we seek?  And body image, what can be said about it while the asteroid is retrograde?  For us all what truth IS body image telling us? What does truth and body image have to do with who we bond with?

Taking a look at the 22.30 axis or the other two arms of the dial we see asteroids such as Ransome, Hopi, Minerva, Pythia, Podalirius.**Please note the spelling may seem off, but this is actually how we spell the asteroid names.  I did double check them! Here we might want to ask ourselves how boundaries can hold us (Ransome).  Is there an idea of how we are dependent on pleasing others just to get paid? With Pythia things are just as you thought, except are they truly?  With Podalirius and Askalaphus along with Terpsichore retrograde, please pay attention to what your bodies are trying to tell you.   Your health may depend on it. With Hopi and Terpsichore retrograde, be wary of cutting yourself with a knife.

This is of necessity very general but it does give you a broader perspective of what the new moon and asteroids can mean to you, particularly if you are someone who has a personal point fall in any of the above degree points. One of the wonderful things about adding asteroids to one’s astrology practice is the amount, kind and quality of details one can ascertain from these little rocks.


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