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New Moon Predictions for May 6, 2016

April 21, 2016

ARIES:  This month can feature sudden intuitions or exciting dreams that seem to give you advice.  You might notice that things happen suddenly and unexpected right now.  It could even feel that things are happening almost backwards. It could also be important this month to “take the plunge” in order to get closer to the truth.  You may also have an  awareness of a photographic memory as well.

TAURUS:  This is your new moon Taurus!  This month it is almost in the direct middle of the month at 16 degrees of Taurus.  This can be a great time to institute changes in life, or taking the time to look at your options or opportunities. There could be moments this month when you can be very pessimistic about money.  There could also be privacy issues where money is concerned.  It will also be important for you to watch boundaries when helping or getting help, particularly where loved ones are concerned.

GEMINI:  Gemini, there are several things you might be aware of this month.  One is the idea of odd couples, those who just don’t seem to “fit” together.  But this can also represent business and social situations as well as personal relationships, so be careful.  Another factor you might notice this month is the idea of being dependent on others and how this might leave you or others very much on your own.  Remember some lessons and paths that happen in life that we can only do alone.

CANCER:  Money could be a feature this month Cancer.  Even with your credit you will want to use some structure.  Things have gotten out of control.  There could be some expensive bad habits.  It is also important to watch how others can be very clever and cause the consequences of their actions to fall on others. It might be that someone is using their good looks to get away with their actions.  Credibility and validation continue to be highlighted this month.

LEO:  You can be very productive this month, but be wary of work-a-holic tendencies. There is also a great deal of planning and strategy. Just be wary that you are not going overboard, as over-reactions are also possible.  This month features bonding with others, perhaps over some complicated matters.  Neighbors or the neighborhood are also featured this month.  As you find yourself grieving, keep in mind that while things end and people die, these are not only endings but also the chance for new beginnings.

VIRGO:  This month features people stepping up to the plate but unfortunately it will also come with the thought of that stepping up being “a little too little and a little too late.”  Pay attention to what is happening with your body this month, and there may be a tendency to gain a bit of weight.  Cleaning or clearing things up are emphasized, perhaps beginning new contacts or connections.

LIBRA:   Body image is featured this month, whether it is body language or the image one creates when they walk in the room.  Listen to your gut when it comes to dealings with the banks or money matters.  Computers could be an issue right now. Be wary of not only computer problems but problems that can happen because of a computer.  There are also matters that will feel like a situation of “here we go again.”  You may find you have endured this before.

SCORPIO:   The partners of siblings or perhaps the siblings of partners will be highlighted this month. Expenses may have to be dealt with in pieces, such as having a payment plan.  With the clarity you are gaining you will be able solve many problems and issues.  It could come to your attention that people tend to pretend to be someone different when they are away from home.  On a different level entirely, you could even be more aware of the travel business now.

SAGITTARIUS:   Even if you seem to have energy at the moment, it may be put into doing things that are more for show, or at least you feel that way. Restrictions and responsibilities can feel significantly more burdensome.  Health issues tend to be an Achilles Heel for you.  There is also a stronger awareness now of health and how someone looks.  Healthy people do tend to look better. The cost of maintaining your health can also come to your attention this month.

CAPRICORN:  Health matters may disrupt or completely interrupt your life routines right now.  Sometimes the effects of illness will be seen on someone’s face.  Even so, there can be a sense of peace about you with regard to what is going on.  You may not be happy with things, but you feel a strong spiritual faith that things will be fine eventually.  With all this transition going on, there tend to be many unknowns.

AQUARIUS:  There are some decisions that you will feel fated to make in the next month.  These decisions will even keep you up at night.  There are so many things going on that you may find it difficult to know whether or not to speak out about them.  Often times you will let things be unsaid.  Much of what is going on feels as if there is no way to avoid it, that it is fate.  You might also be aware of those who are losing their will to live on some level.

PISCES:  Compassion will be important when dealing with those who are ill or confused. Compassion can also lead you to clarity.  Children will be highlighted this month.  This month could feature advice from authorities.  Be wary of health fad pioneers or alternative healthcare practices as they can be very self-destructive. Things may seem to be slow this month due to time spent dealing with crisis after crisis, so it will be important to be more farsighted in your thinking.


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