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New Moon Predictions for April 7, 2016

March 31, 2016

ARIES:  Aries, this is your new Moon! This can aid you with self-confidence in all you do.  This month features things like “just rewards.” Pay close attention to your own intuition. Dreams are likely to hold many answers. This will be particularly true with regard to getting and giving help. You could be dealing with some confidential matters, so be sure to remember your boundaries especially with those closest to you.

TAURUS:  Being physically alone or feeling alone could be a topic for you this month.  Perhaps it is due to serving others and being focused on goals that keeps you apart from others this month? There could be some excitement this month due to an opportunity that presents itself. It will be important to be fair in matters involving a vehicle. Be sure to be fair in how you handle matters that have gotten out of control.

GEMINI:  There seems to be a strong awareness of “odd couples” this month.  It may even be within your own relationships. You will likely see how much people depend on one another, particularly as it relates to a building or home. You may discover how much people can be protective of their pets or animals.  It could also be difficult to quiet your mind in order to get good rest this month.

CANCER:  The things people tolerate for money or validation will come to your attention.  Money often depends on one’s credibility as well as ability.  Be aware you may find those in authority are still capable of making mistakes.  Credibility can also arise from thinking logically. Taking time to withdraw (perhaps a holiday?) is also featured.  

LEO:  You feel very good in how you are being productive now, just be wary of letting things get out of control and going over-board.  While being involved with others can complicate things it is nevertheless often good to bond with others when one is dealing with complicated matters.  You could be surprised with whom you are bonding! This month features surprise beginnings and that issues will not be easily resolved or finished. 

VIRGO:  This month may find you experiencing lowered energy. It is a great time to carefully listen to your body, take stock of your stress level, and evaluate your diet and exercise routines.  Even with a reduction in your energy this month, you will still feel well as you optimistically meet new people and make new connections/contacts.  Just be wary of over-doing it! Watch limits on things like over-spending, over-eating and over-drinking.  There is an awareness of the body and especially the effects of “too much” if you go over reasonable restrictions.

LIBRA:   Life can be like a crazy roller coaster.  Some days you will get up very early to get ahead of how confusing things are.  Yet on other days you might find you are up early without a specific reason.  Work, duty and the daily routine will take up much of your thoughts this month.  Pay attention to your gut, literally and figuratively.  Issues related to the banks or to money in general could come to your attention.  Using a little restraint this month in your affairs can be a great help.

SCORPIO:  Computers and issues with computers could be a significant point of contention this month.  Siblings of partners, and payments or expenses that can be taken care of in small increments are highlighted. You know what you need to do to take care of issues related to health matters, so just do it, as they say! This month can also feature being nostalgic relate to a trip or travel in general.  Be wary of all those smiling people, particularly in business matters; people tend to have their own agenda.

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars and Saturn are both running through your sign this month so you might feel you are running in place.  You may be aggressive yet you discover you are often restricted.  It is a time of learning, but learning is not always easy.  Though your intuition is often right in this particular month it will be off a bit and being off can be an Achilles’ heel for you. This will be particularly true with regard to a health issue.  There could also be some focus on the cost or value of food.

CAPRICORN:  Health issues may show up this month and they could interrupt your flow whether it is you who is ill or someone else. You might notice how people’s faces will often show they are ill. Be alert this month! It will be what you don’t know or you are missing could bring a bit of embarrassment.  Things are changing and transforming and so are you, from the inside out.  It is important as you change to follow your conscience and be true to yourself.

AQUARIUS:  Things will often feel slow to you. Often, it will be due to the small crisis after crisis circumstances that holds things up. It will also be hard to know when to speak out this month. You feel very tested in that way—as if you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  This is true even when you are excited about something.  It will also come to your attention that some people can become very narcissistic when dealing with sad situations.  Trying to please others will also feel very challenging for you at this point.

PISCES:  This month you will likely see those in charge often very unclear.  Pay attention to making things clearer, because advice, particularly health advice could be risky and even self-destructive, so this is NOT the time to take up an extreme diet plan.  Compassion and having compassion will come to your attention this month.  By the same token dealing with matters of the truth can feel very risky so be sure you are really listening or that others are really listening to you.

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