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Astrology:  Technique Sums of the Sun

March 31, 2016

There is a great deal of math involved in Astrology.  We don’t usually see how much it helps our understanding until we go deeper into the calculations mathematically and find out how much more detail or information is there to aid us.

Today I thought it would be fun for me to teach you some of the basic math that can be used in predictive work.  For our example I will use the New Moon Chart.  Since the New Moon is an event, this will give us another way to look at that event.  All signs and degrees of the Zodiac can come down to a simple number.  For example the Sun and Moon are both 18 degrees of Aries.  Since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac the number is 18.04.  Now if we were working with 20 degrees of Aquarius we would then use the number 320.  30 degrees per sign, Aries would be 1-30, Taurus would then be 31-60, Gemini 61-90 and so on.  Once you find where your sign begins add the number of degrees.  If you like you can also add on the minutes.  Remember you are working with time so you want to use 60 minutes in order to add them up another degree.  I will include a bit of a chart below.

Now as we have assigned numbers to both the Sun and Moon we can add them up.  Here they come to 36.08 or 6 degrees of Taurus.  This can be done not only with the Moon but also with the Midheaven or the Ascendant.  I chose the Sun and Moon because they are constant regardless of where you live in the world. When we look at the axis of 6.8 degrees of Fixed, we get a larger story.

The larger Axis in addition to 6.8 fixed and 28.38 fixed (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) 21.8 mutable (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) as well as 14.48 Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer).  In looking at the asteroids or planets that fall within a degree of these points you get a much larger picture—that many will feel the need to clean things up whether it is their homes, backyards or their own diets.

People will also feel as though they are enduring something, waiting for it to pass as best they can. This may be due in part to having to deal with jobs and situations that one is dependent on for survival.  Credibility shows up here and could be two things: the election with the search for the most credible candidate or it may be related to our own credibility.  The other reason for cleaning up is we are making new contacts and new connections and want to make a good impression. We could be looking at how we can better serve others or how we can be better served ourselves.

This placement also shows smiling.  Smiling can help us to endure and get through obligations.  And it can also be an indication that not all smiles are to be taken at “face” value.  There could still be information missing, or things that are yet to be revealed.  Especially if you feel things are going too slowly, be wary! This is a time of being tested.  Not all things will be able to be deciphered or fixed in the old way.  Things are different now and we need to approach them differently.

Good luck with your ride through the New Moon!


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    When summing multiple planets modular arithmetic is necessary: For example: (Sun + Moon + Mercury + Venus) MOD 360. Other approaches COULD be used (Mean, Median, etc.) Would be interesting to explore this further and see what emerges.

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