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Predictions for the New Moon of March 8, 2016

February 26, 2016

ARIES:  In situations where you are either getting or receiving help it will be important to remember your boundaries, even with those closest to you.  Wisdom, especially inner wisdom is also a focus this month. Listen to your own inner voice.  Money and checks or issues related to them, whether giving or receiving seems to be highlighted in the evening.  Ask questions when you need to!

TAURUS:  The asteroid of work and goals is coming into your sign Taurus.  This can make you very goal oriented to the point where others might see you as distant or withdrawn.  You are dealing with matters that have gotten out of control.  Vehicles of all kinds could be featured.  It could also come to your attention that partners come to depend on one another sometimes to the point of dependency.

GEMINI:  Pain of any kind can lead to chaos, but then again chaos can also lead to intuition. When people get inflicted with pain it can often lead to intuition. All of this can come to your attention this month.  Issues could be disturbing your ability to sleep.  It is also important to note there are situations in life that you can only do alone. There could be some serious matters that are consuming your thoughts right now.

CANCER:  Getting a structure or budget for finances could be a focus this month. Credibility is important right now whether yours or someone else’s.  Logic is featured this month.  Computers could also be featured this month along with astrology. There could be some attention paid to the muscle that is need to be productive or even those industries that rely on muscle power.  Weight lifting or power oriented sports could come to your attention.

LEO:  This month also features surprising new beginnings or at the very least beginnings that come with their own surprises.  One surprise could lead to a bonding of people, or a bonding of people involved in some kind of intrigue.  This can also include on a more mundane level others are bonding to prepare a surprise event. It can also indicate connections with others that will surprise you. The idea of over-reaction as a strategy could come to your attention.

VIRGO:   Be wary as this is a very good time for you yet it is also a time when you might be more prone to over-indulge or over-spend. This is a great time for new opportunity and new connections and contacts.  It will be important to keep things cleaned up or cleared up in your life in order to be ready to take advantage of your optimism and opportunity.

LIBRA:  Early mornings are featured this month, but so is the idea of being scattered.  This can be a crazy time but getting up early will be one way to get a head start.  It will be important to listen to your gut this month and with that said pay attention to what you eat literally and how it affects you.  Body image or even body language will also be a focus this month.

SCORPIO:  Computers are sometimes the answer and then other times they are the problem!  This is something you will be very aware of this month.  It also talks of how blame could be placed on something related to a computer. In the case of partners or partnerships the idea of “here we go again,” could come to your attention.  Paying attention and doing things in pieces are featured.  Hands and or feet could be highlighted.

SAGITTARIUS:  It may feel as though you will need six arms and legs to manage all that you are trying to accomplish.  Keeping busy is a good way to handle the restlessness or the aggression you could also be dealing with right now. This month also features areas of your life where health matters could be an issue.  Health matters could even end up being a disruptive issue this month.

CAPRICORN:  This month features using dreams and intuitive ability as a way to get to information or matters where there is much that is unknown.  It is also about beliefs that bring a sense of consciousness. This is a time of many transformations. With that the idea of selection/rejection and competition could be a feature this month.

AQUARIUS:  This month highlights things like sleep issues in part due to worrying about others. There are also many lessons regarding selfishness and compassion this month overall.  There could be a great deal of clarity regarding authorities or with regard to the truth.  Much of what you learn you might be keeping to yourself for later reference.  Health matters or even health risks whether yours or someone else’s will be the focus.

PISCES:  This month features the idea of “listening.” Communication in general could be featured. Being settled or remaining firm in even sad circumstances can bring some clarity.  This month features memories and photographs.  This is your time of the year so do something nice for yourself some kind of makeover could be in the offering.

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