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 More Asteroids!!! Today Hekate!

February 26, 2016

I had every intention of writing about a new technique I am working on for daily angles. Then I noticed Hekate was coming to the Aries Point and felt it was a great opportunity to look at this asteroid and learn what it means in chart work.

The Aries Point as I mentioned in a previous post is the “World at Large.” What that means is we can experience anything that goes through the Aries Point as what is going on in our world. So it is a good time to point out these asteroids and see how they work. As explained in the previous article the Aries Point is felt by some more than others. For some it is simply what they see on TV or read in the news. It could even be something they might witness through a neighbor or a close friend, someone who is directly by the Aries Point. Once again for review the Aries Point is anything that is zero degrees of Cardinal. That means zero degrees of Aries, zero degrees of Libra, zero degrees of Capricorn and zero degrees of Cancer.

Hekate was the Goddess of magic, of the night so things like the moon and ghosts are all a part of her energy. Witchcraft is also said to be of her domain. In mythology it is said that she aided Demeter in looking for Persephone. Ultimately, Hekate became a companion and minister of Persephone when she was in Hades (Haides).

Hekate is at zero degrees of Aries for our next new Moon in March! The domain of Hekate is our inner voice, or inner intuition. She can make her presence felt through dreams and premonitions. So for everyone this is good time to stop and pay attention to what is going on inside of us. Dreams will be highlighted. In the case of people who do represent the world, such as world figures on the world stage.  We can only hope that the wisdom of Hekate is applied and used well.

Dreams that can occur during this time can put you out in the street or in a public place. Dreams could include people you don’t even know. With an election going on you are going to hear a great deal about the protection of the people. Right now Apple is in a conflict with the FBI over that very issue. It is all about protecting the people as well as protecting the rights of others. So very like Hekate!

We all have our own personal Hekate in our birth charts.  The wisdom of Hekate is in us all. For each of us, there is an inner voice or guide. However she doesn’t manifest exactly the same for everyone. Each of us sees wisdom differently, so we each use it differently. There are even those times when we don’t seem to be getting any guidance at all. Hekate at these points could be under some kind of difficult transit.

Hekate is one of several Goddesses of that mythology including Artemis and Selene who are also used in Astrology.  Enjoying learning about your own Hekate and how she operates in your life.

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