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New Moon Predictions for February 8, 2016

February 5, 2016

ARIES:  With all the unpredictability there can be a great deal of mental tension this month.  It will be important to establish your boundaries particularly with those close to you when it comes to endings.  Early mornings are featured as well.  It will be important to stay focused on your goals.  Even with the pressure you might be feeling it will be important to be fair. Could be a busy month for you!

TAURUS:  This month highlights not only automobiles and all forms of vehicles but also homes and buildings.  Very likely there are things that have gotten out of control. It also features things we are dependent upon including significant others and partners.  It also features the idea of having to do something on your own.  Let’s face it some things you can only do by yourself.

GEMINI:  Communication for you can be a way for you to present your worth to others. But it could be that you might run into a situation or two where you might feel that you might feel the need to be protective. It may be that clever and smart people are not what they appear to be.  Sleep issues could be wreaking havoc in your life right now.

CANCER:  It is a great time to think about saving for that next get-a-way or vacation.  For you logical thinking is featured.  It comes to your attention that when someone is logical and analytical they are more credible.  Even with that said sometimes the mind works in strange ways.  Home and family are featured for you this month as well.

LEO:  This is a good time of year for you to honker down and get back in touch with your own creativity. There could be some over-reactions to a plan or strategy.  Things could become surprisingly complicated.  Then again if you are trying to surprise someone there could be a great deal of deception involved whether for a good thing or a bad!  This is also a good time to begin to bond with others.

VIRGO:  Great time to focus on your body and body image.  This is a good month to work on your diet and exercise regime.  This is a great time as you have a good amount of focus helping you to achieve your goals.  It is also a good time to set some goals at work.  Staying optimistic as that it the best way to attract good things and with Jupiter running through Virgo you will have opportunities if you choose to take advantage of them.

LIBRA:  It will be important to clean or clear things up right now.  Be wary of situations where one person could be enabling another.  Co-dependency could be an issue.  Attention could be paid to body image this month, but you could also be aware of things like body language.  Listen to your gut right now, particularly when dealing with banks or money issues.

SCORPIO:  Computer work or those who can gather information off the computer will come to your attention.  Computers could be a real source of blame for several things this month.  Here you might be paying attention to a smile because it may not mean what you think it does.  You might be looking into something related to the travel business, maybe traveling for your business?

SAGITTARIUS:  Minor illnesses could be a nuisance this month.  It is important to pay attention to your health. Tightening your belt when it comes to money will also be a focus this month.  Money is tight this month.  Interruptions and disruptions will be normal this month.  No matter what direction something is going in when it starts, it is very likely to change course once it is up and running.

CAPRICORN:  This is a month that features things like decisions that are made without all the information being known.  Competition as well as the idea of selection/rejection could come into play.  This month can also feature intense exchanges and even power plays and manipulations.  Debts are also a feature worth looking at in the month ahead.

AQUARIUS:  This is your time of the year. It is a time of increased confidence and awareness.  There could be advice about something that is sad!  Music can be beneficial.  You might find it is worth the risk to get to the truth, speaking out or speaking up will be important this month. Sometimes it will be tough to know when to do that.

PISCES:  This month features memories and how well you remember things. It may be that you are tending to remember things that are more negative right now, so be wary.  It also features things like the uncertainty of makeovers.  Stay tuned to your inner wisdom, there can be much intuition and clarity from your dreams.  Just rewards are also featured, even if it seems things are happening backwards!

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