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The Ingress Chart

January 4, 2016

Often in years past I have written about the Ingress Chart, so we will continue that tradition and perhaps make it an annual thing! It is a very important chart to astrologers. It is a prediction of the year to come for the world in general. My own teacher writes special articles to honor and educate our community about the Ingress Chart. She will generally look at the whole world using asteroids to represent different countries in the world.

For our purposes, I will focus on the personal level. It is true that we are affected by what happens to us as a country, yet in some cases we are not even aware of what is going on in the world because we are too swept up in our own issues. This is particularly true here in America. We spend so much time and energy trying to keep afloat financially that we are very often ignorant of what is going on in the larger world. So…for those who are very consumed by your own life at the moment, let’s take a look at what you might be dealing with in the New Year!

Starting off with an overall description of the chart we see that here the Ingress Sun is right on the IC. This can mean that we are all looking for a bit of peace in our lives yet it can also indicate that family issues could dominate. No matter what direction though, it seems to directly affect our homes and families. Peace is the goal of the fourth house but it is also the house of family and our roots.

It also shows that the Aries Point (where the Ingress Sun sits), is at the midpoint of the asteroids Ophelia and Valentine. This can manifest by someone who is so very excited about something they can over-react. It can also indicate that over-reactions could have an effect on someone’s heart or coronary condition. Health overall might be a concern for most of us and it is also very likely that most of us will take some action (Mars) to fixed (Panacea) health (Asclepius). We also find both Eros and Valentine for Heart Health showing up and please remember both Eros and Valentine are about those things that excite us in life, things that make life worth living. For some, they will find it important to step away a little from life’s stresses. Ultimately, that is what seeking peace is all about…and most of us find our peace at home.

There will be those who will take risks with their health, in spite of the issues addressed above. What would be even better is if those risks were taken in order to create vastly better health regimes! Maybe experimenting with putting themselves and what is truly important to them first instead of putting the job and “outer world” concerns ahead of themselves so often. If they find life flows smoother when they put their health (in all the meanings of the word health) first, then one of the most important jobs of a counselor in astrology will have been done, to bring awareness to various situations you may not yet be able to see. Perhaps that is a good resolution for us to consider—being aware of when we choose for ourselves in our inner worlds, and then when we make the choice to go the way of the world. I hope you and yours enjoyed a great holiday and that 2016 is a good year for everyone!


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