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New Moon Predictions for January 9, 2016

January 4, 2016

ARIES: As this month seems to highlight change, the first New Moon of the New Year is a great time to implement changes in your life. Questions are highlighted this month. It could be that someone is questioning you but at the very least you will find yourself with the question of whether or not it is just smoke or is it a real fire! Fairness in your response is important, even though you might be feeling a bit like “Why Me?”

TAURUS: It is the life you have in the “greater world” that is highlighted this month. One aspect where this dynamic can be highlighted is how much partners depend on one another as well as fairness in partnerships. Some issues around the house or building will need your attention. Anytime you find yourself depending on others or having someone depend on you can set you or them up to be the “patsy.” Be careful—and know that being clever and finding ways to go or be alone is also on the agenda this month.

GEMINI: Sleep could be elusive this month and that is very frustrating. Your intuition is very good right now as you are very sensitive in general. Keep in mind that being sensitive can be “painful” as well. You may feel very oppressed in your job/career/or the outside world in general. Even when you try to avoid others you are not successful. Life just feels very chaotic right now.

CANCER: This month features group activities and goals best achieved with the support of others.

Being and getting more involved with others can give a better perspective on your own abilities—but it will still be important to take some time away if you can. Support and the group concept is great but it does limit how much you can express yourself.

LEO: The desire to be productive could be over the top right now. Is someone else requiring you to work overtime? This month features planning and how it helps to create its boundaries.  Bonding with new people on new beginnings could be surprisingly complicated. Boundaries in general do help to make things more complicated; however, this IS a great time to plan a surprise party.

VIRGO: It will be important to remain goal oriented this month with the focus on your career or job.  So many things seem to be “on-going” and “never-ending” and “not enough” that it simply is not easy to get a resolution right now. There is a great sadness or seriousness with things going on right now. There is an excellent featuring of “fortunate” contacts and connections—the time is right.

LIBRA: This month you will work to get things cleaned and cleared up yet you will not necessarily have good luck with “service” people. And if it is you who are in a “service” industry, you might have to give some bad news. Days are crazy and scattered right now with early mornings highlighted.  Maybe you have to get an early start to beat the craziness? It is also a good time to consider body image.

SCORPIO: You seem to be doing too much right now. This could become an issue so better to do things in pieces if you can. Siblings are highlighted this month, either yours or someone else’s. Some things might feel like “here we go again.” When solving problems or issues, look to what solved it in the past, if possible. This month things could be slower than you expect with regard to a partner.

SAGITTARIUS: This month may focus on money restrictions. It also talks of how something you are very proud of could change direction. This could also apply to children who decide to change their life direction. The family is featured this month. Be wary when making any decisions this month as there might be a great deal that is not known. You won’t have all the information. You will also need to get up early in the morning to stay on top of all that is going on these days!

CAPRICORN: This is your time of the year Capricorn—and your new Moon! A great time for new beginnings as this energy can give you a boost in your confidence. This month emphasizes your ability to express yourself particularly as you seem to be going through some heavier life changes. It also highlights your ability to please others. Perhaps a quick trip will be in your cards?

AQUARIUS: When people are sad they can be very self destructive. You will become very aware of this possibility during the next thirty days. Giving advice regarding private matters is featured. People may appear to be pessimistic as they seem to be enduring something. Sometimes this will be you, but mostly this is going to be something you will notice about others. Do watch out as there may be a tendency towards food addictions or just overeating.

PISCES: Do take some time for yourself in the evenings. Listen to your gut when it comes to money matters this month; you may find that some things have been done backwards. There are “just rewards” for you even if things are not always clear. Notice what is happening at the end of things, or what is featured at the end. This seems especially true when getting or receiving help.





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