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Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius together!

December 1, 2015

With all that is going on in the world, we wonder what might the astrology look like coming into December? Last month I focused on more positive energies, so this month we’ll look at the concept of changes and what they can mean for us right now. As I write this, the Sun is getting ready to begin its journey through Sagittarius. Mercury is already right there welcoming the Sun.
This can be a great time to pay attention to the news. The whole idea of news or even new ideas will cause us to think. After the Sun and Mercury join in the Sagittarius energy they then confront Saturn. Saturn is our teacher and task maker. As a result, needless to say new ideas or even paperwork will require a bit of discipline and organization. It will also be important to watch what one says and how credible and stable they appear to others.
This is a time when many people will experience an increase in their responsibilities. In some cases perhaps, this may even lead to improvements in one*s position in life. Communicating what one need or wants is easy right now, so it is a good time to take advantage. Do remember with Saturn in the mix you have to be deserving of that opportunity! That opportunity will also come with responsibility and the need to be disciplined and organized. For some, this could feel restrictive. In the beginning it might actually be so but in the end it can lead to a sense of further accomplishment and validation.
Together, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury are all in Sagittarius. This alone can make people a bit more singular in their thinking. This energy is more idealistic and philosophical. But it can also be very *opinionated and obstinate* in their thinking. Remember that Saturn is a taskmaster and lesson giver. Strongly holding on to one*s opinion can also provide a lesson to be learned.
There can be for many of us situations where one*s thinking has been restricted; it may be time for this to come to our attention. For others it will be a time of pulling in their energy and pulling on their boots for the task ahead. Surely there is something in this line up for us all.
The energy of Sagittarius can be very generous and jovial. While it can be a fun energy with Saturn in the mix it will be a more restrictive fun. There can come lessons about being alone or going one*s own way for some. For many it will highlight the lesson that some things you just have to go through on your own. It can also bring up issues related to how we*ve taken care of our bodies. How has our body image restricted us? Perhaps more discipline would help when it comes to issues related to body image?
Regardless of how you will be affected, this is a time to take the lessons to heart. It is important to our growth and evolution as people. Keep in mind this month’s and last month’s articles highlight windows for us to maximize—the time for this is short and the windows small, so we want to make it count!

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