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New Moon Predictions for December 11, 2015

December 1, 2015

ARIES: This month that could feature blow ups and excitement either with one*s friends or work colleagues. Situations will bring up the idea of fairness and times when you might say to yourself, *Why me, God?* You are still feeling the effects of change and unpredictability. This month can feature doing things alone. In life there are just some things you have to do alone.
TAURUS: The fact is that there are many things related to a house or building that might have gotten out of control and in particular garages will come to your attention. The fact that one person has to depend on another can just be a necessary evil right now. Be wary of relationships or partnerships where one person is a patsy for the other.
GEMINI: Pain (emotional or physical) will cause a bit of chaos this month. In this case, it could even be chaos as the result of past injuries. Animals will come to your attention—particularly black faced dogs. Sleep issues are likely due to body pain or issues that cause pain emotionally. Ill fitting partnerships or associations will also come to your attention this month.
CANCER: Time to put some thought into how you might structure your money this month. It can also be a great time to take off with that *beautiful person* in your life. Just be wary of what you are spending on a relationship. You might be more aware of things like power plays and the manipulations of others. This can also be a good time for introspection of yourself and your life situation.

LEO: In order to be credible right now one needs to use some logical thought. Things like astrology or computer programming could be highlighted this month. This can also be a very productive time for you. Be wary that you are not going overboard in your planning. This is a month that features surprise beginnings, things like planning a surprise. Don*t forget beginning any situation holds its own surprises!

VIRGO: Optimism is a good thing, but when you find you have over done it or taken on too much as a result, it can have its own drawbacks. Work can be very demanding this month. It will be important to take care of yourself and your health. Your body is feeling the load. This month highlights service workers of all kinds.

LIBRA: Things can be a bit scattered right now, pay attention to your *gut* figuratively or literally. This can be a good time to take care of your body overall. Avoiding things only makes them go slower. By the same token it will be important to stay on top of others. Pay attention to bank related matters as this is another area where your life could be a bit scattered.

SCORPIO: Things that might come to your attention this month might be fairness with regard to pay. It could even be related to a partner*s income in some way. Situations where you feel you have to keep repeating yourself. *Here we go again!* Some times because people take great pride in what they do to the point where it makes everything else acceptable, even when it is not acceptable.
SAGITTARIUS: Be wary of health issues this month as you or another*s health could feel restrictive. It will be important to remain disciplined and organized right now. There could feel very destined or fated right now. In some cases you will be dealing with competitive matters where decisions or selections need to be made. This is your time of year Sag, time to feel the confidence to move forward even if it means a bit of work on your part.
CAPRICORN: This month can feature things like the getting or gathering of bad or serious news that could feel fated. There could be concern about a child or children. The truth as it can be transforming it may make it necessary to make new plans. It is also important not to take risks with your health right now. It is also hard to speak up to those in authority; you just never know what kind of reaction it will bring.
AQUARIUS: Issues related to the muscular system could come to your attention this month. There is a good bit of attention paid to body or body image. Memories of meals or mealtimes in the past will also come to your attention. This month also features just rewards. Listen to your gut particularly when it comes to money matters. The cost of makeover(s) or the cost to make something over will also come to your attention this month.
PISCES: This month features unclear endings. This might be a good month for you to take some time and withdraw. Helping others or getting helped will significantly add to the chaos this month. It may be important to start very early in the mornings this month. This month will also bring attention to lies and boundaries particularly when it comes to loved ones or those closest to you.

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