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New Moon Predictions for November 11, 2015

October 31, 2015

RIES: Struggles abound with all the changes taking place now. These changes are indicating that some things you just have to do on your own. You may even be feeling a sense of “why me?” but mostly it is about growing and independence and freedom. It will also be important to have things be fair, even if sometimes you don’t always feel it is fair to you. It is important to be around those who are supportive and who value you.

TAURUS: This month features things like automobile expenses or the cost of a partnership could come to your attention. You might be focusing on a home or a building a good bit this month. Watch for dependencies and situations that are out of control. This can also include the fact that you are either dependent on someone else or they are dependent on you.

GEMINI: Things are so chaotic now it may be good time to do things on your own. It could be that you feel hounded by other people right now. It is a very sensitive time for you and as a result your intuition could be very accurate. Odd couples and people in situations that don’t seem to “fit” are also featured. It may also be important to start your days very early right now in order to stay on top of things.

CANCER: This month features logical thinking, so things like astrology could be highlighted. But you will also notice that in order for one to think logically they might have to withdraw from the situation to think more clearly. Thinking about money matters at night can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Pay attention to health and diet habits as well this month.

LEO: Looking to be credible in the eyes of others could require you to use a bit of strategy to get others to move. Someone could be drawing something out as a way to not deal with other things. This can make for beginnings that might have intrigue or at the very least complications. You can be very productive this month. There could even be some bonding with a neighbor or a member of your community.

VIRGO: This should be a good month for your health. A sense of optimism accompanies you. Those under your care get special treatment this month, even if only in small ways. There could be some confusion with bank matters so listen to your gut. Be wary of co-dependencies: they can be an issue this month. There is also a focus on the body image and the health of the body.

LIBRA: For you it will be important to make a good impression on others. At times you might feel hounded by others. The fact that something isn’t quite what you predicted could be to blame. Despite this there should be a good number of compliments for you this month. Some things seem very right now.  You are very awake and conscious of what is going on around you this month.

SCORPIO: This is a great time for you because it is your new moon. This adds in things like confidence. Normally you might be someone who takes great pride in your health but right now your health could be letting you down. It may be time to think more heart healthy. Things like tattoos and piercings and all the things people do to decorate their body could come to your attention right now.

SAGITTARIUS: You could be feeling the burden of responsibilities right now. But you will feel no matter what is going on that it is destined. There could be a need to make decisions which could keep you from sleeping well. A health issue could be serious. It will be important to be clever. This can also manifest as apologies made by those who regret they aren’t taking responsibility for their actions.

CAPRICORN: The truth right now could present its own risks. The fact that you can be so compassionate can also be the cause of your own self-destruction. Also be wary of those situations or people who tend to bully others yet never has to say a word. Strategies and medications that deal with depressions are featured and this can also indicate drugs that leave people feeling down.

AQUARIUS: This is a month featuring just rewards and payments that happen at the end. It will also be important to listen to your own inner voice this month particularly as it relates to money. Working with foods can be highlighted this month. Some things will be stopped or stopping this month. It is that time of year. This also features the end of a holiday or a period away.

PISCES: All work and no play can make anyone a bit oppressed. The early mornings are featured this month as it will be important to get an early start to stay on top of all the confusion. It can be a scattered time. Things are not always clear. Be wary of things that are not true, particularly as you either accept help or help another. It will be important to keep good boundaries when it comes to those closest to us.




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