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Jupiter, Venus and Mars all conjunct in the sign of Virgo

October 31, 2015

My immediate impression of this energy is “love of being of service.” If you think of Jupiter as fortunate action or at the very least optimism then add in Mars energy for action. What results is “fortunate action.” Putting Venus into the mix brings compliments and situations that bring out the kindness in others. So for this month’s added post it felt good to do something nice so I am also staying with that kind energy of Venus.

Let’s look at some of the wonders of this combination. First of all the sign of Virgo, where these three come together is that of service. Even more than that, Virgo is the energy associated with diet and health. It is about being of service to the greater world. The best way one can be of service is to first be in a good place. Getting healthy and trying to reduce stress in one’s life can be very beneficial right now and for some of us something to consider.

Jupiter gives optimism and hope. While it is a great energy, but it is also the energy of over-indulgence and over-stretching one’s abilities with Mars and Venus right there encouraging your actions. This can lead to things like over-eating, particularly sweets. Jupiter and Venus together can add to one’s sweet tooth. Jupiter/Venus combinations can indicate someone who spends too much money as well and Mars will no doubt go along with this spending because it feels good.

Another thing to consider with this energy is that because all three signs come together it can make someone very singular in their desires and goals. Energy might be focused on making something better, more beautiful, or larger. These types of projects can keep one very focused. So today, October 23 2015, I have been driven by a crafting project I picked up. It even affects my sleep, and oh, yes…I have also been spending too much money on my new hobby. Is this happening to you?

This is also a great time to mend fences within your own relationships. It is a time when extending an olive branch just seems right. Acts of kindness and situations of “paying it forward” are possible with this energy. This energy gives hope to new beginnings. Even difficult working situations can be eased during this time. Just be wary not to overestimate your own abilities. You will have to be careful and truly look before you leap.

Opportunities are very possible for everyone, but we have to be ready in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Jupiter makes us feel better, Mars will set us into action, and Venus tells us that action will be kind or artistic or something that is pleasant and beautiful. In the sign of Virgo this action could also have a practical application—that of service to others. So enjoy this nice little transit while it lasts! Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long.



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