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New Moon Predictions for October 12, 2015

October 5, 2015

ARIES: This can be a good time to pull back and do what you can on your own. Actually, it is a better time to go your own way or take some time off to be by yourself. Life (even your own hopes and wishes) is just unpredictable now. It may be part of you is changing through this journey. Blow ups at work are possible. It may be things “take off” or that there is a stronger than normal awareness of fairness or sometimes even wondering “Why me?” Remember, karma is hard to understand!

TAURUS: Certain aspects of your life have gotten out of control. As a result, you may discover you are on your own or have to go it alone! Your days will focus on partnerships and fairness. This is a great time to pay more attention to your home or dwellings. You could even realize how much you depend on your partner or having a partner. Be wary of situation where you could become a “patsy” for someone else. It will be important to listen to your “gut.” Clearly, your stomach could be an issue.

GEMINI: There is a great deal of chaos around money or the value of something including your worth. It may be the need for money adds to your chaos. Some evils are necessary. You may notice how intuitive pets can be. Be wary of those things that have gotten out of control. It may be that your vehicle will need attention this month. Being on your own is good for you and some things only you CAN do on your own. You also seem to attract situations where you don’t fit.

CANCER: It will be important to structure money or create budgets. Perhaps money is made through structure? Logical thinking is important this month. You may withdraw from something in order to be credible. If there is a great deal of pressure, then this too would be a good reason to withdraw. This month features communications and in particular it features mistakes by those in charge. If you are someone who has authority be careful to pay attention to the details and past mistakes.

LEO: A month that speaks of beginnings or set-ups where there are no resolutions. It can make you feel that days go on forever. More strategy might be what is needed…there is a special emphasis on planning. But planning can become more complicated when you join with others so be wary of your own overreactions or the overreactions of others. Some people can be very territorial, particularly friends and work connections. Friendships might be easier if there is a little distance.

VIRGO: This can be a very creative time for Virgos. It is also a time when you are capable of fortunate actions. There is a great deal of optimism since Jupiter is now in Virgo. You might even be feeling a bit more benevolent toward your fellow man. The thing to be wary of is over-indulging or being too optimistic beyond practical reason. This is a great time to deal with your diet as it relates to your body type. You might be noticing that those few extra pounds are slowing you up. There could be a focus on early mornings as a way to stay ahead of things.

LIBRA: This is a very exciting time for you Libra! This is your new moon. It also happens to just be exciting. Not all excitement will be good so sometimes you will have to restrain yourself. It would seem there is something about a partnership that feels like, “here we go again.” There is so much going on that even when it is good, it might just be TOO much. There could be a great deal of pride in one’s health, so it will be important to continue to make good food choices. Eating for your heart is a good idea.  Something about partnerships could make you feel like, “Here we go again.”

SCORPIO: This month contains interruptions and situations that seem to go one way and just as you are moving along, everything changes. Your weakness could be the fact that there is so much information that is missing or not yet available. There could also be an abundance of decisions that need to be made without knowing everything. This month focuses on one-one one relationships and encounters so watch the facial expressions of those around you. A pretty face could catch your attention!

SAGITTARIUS: A sense of gloom and doom prevails as someone is causing a situation to be out of control. It can all feel so fated, very restrictive and even become oppressive at times.  Someone/something could be causing a situation to be out of control.  It seems to be a very serious time of working a great deal while stashing money away. There could be some issues with regard to privacy. There is strategy that relates to the authorities, indicating a time when you will be able to please the boss. One thing that might help is music.

CAPRICORN: This is a month when you will be thinking about taking the plunge and speaking out. Memories are strong. It may be that something such as a wedding that triggers memories. This month also features advice about things like haircuts and body types. You might be asking yourself about the costs of a makeover…but the question is do you believe all that you are hearing? If you are giving advice are others listening? Please remember how transformations and changes can lead to clarity and understanding.

AQUARIUS: Work, career, and just who you are in the “outer” world is featured this month. But for some it will also be the end of a period away. It is a month that features “just rewards,” though in many ways the rewards may be unusual. Something like this: you could run into a check that has a mistake on it. It is also a month when you really want to pay attention to your own inner voice. There is an awareness of that wisdom that comes from within. It also indicates that when something is over or has stopped you will tend to withdraw for a time.

PISCES: Be wary of lies! Are you being told everything? Certainly this month features these sorts of questions. No matter how much you love them, it is important to have good boundaries when it comes to those closest to you. Your days could be scattered with a focus on early mornings but at night it seems help is present for you. Either you are giving it or you are getting it! You have a great deal of compassion and sympathy for others…may they be worthy!




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