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New Moon Predictions for September 2, 2015

September 6, 2015

ARIES:  There could be many questions and things that are unknown with regard to work and goals.  You are very focused in your work, but at times this can be very oppressive.  All the questions are also very oppressive and it feels that timing if off.  There is a great deal of excitement and unpredictability about life and in particular your work or goals.  Computer could be a huge role in what is going on right now.  Friends will also be very unpredictable and could cause some undue excitement this month.  At times there will be situations you just have to do alone.

TAURUS:  A good bit of attention could be paid to your house or a building this month. There could be an issue due to having to depend on other people.  It may just feel sad or serious to you that you are in that position. But also watch for those times when you might be a Patsy for someone else. Particularly people who are very firm in their convictions or perhaps they are enduring something and you are the fall back person.  This is a month when you could benefit from working with others or using groups of people for support.

GEMINI:  So much so you are bombarded by the needs and even rules and regulations of others that you might be feeling a bit over-whelmed by it all.  Perhaps something or someone is out of control.  This is also a good time to pay attention to your automobile. You seem to be on your own a good bit this month, then again there are those quests in life we can only do on our own.  There could be more attention paid to a pet or overall you might be paying more attention to animals in general.

CANCER:  It will be important to be logical in your thinking when it comes to money.  You can be very productive while working behind the scenes this month.  It may be a good idea to take some time away for awhile, maybe a good time for vacation? Be wary of over-reactions this month, whether you or someone around you.  New beginnings will seem to go on and on, perhaps something/someone is over doing it.  Pay attention to what you see this month.  When someone over-reacts or when something is overly active, it can bring great pressure.

LEO:  It seems this month features strategy and planning.  Things seem to be very complicated.  You might be doing your strategy along with someone else, but this can also indicate that evening trying to get together with friends and associates can be complicated this month.  There will be many compliments when you do get together with others.  You have a good bit of energy to work with this month.  Be wary that you are not too aggressive with so much energy.   It might be surprising to you who you have much in common with.

VIRGO:   This is your new Moon. As a result you will feel more confident.  It is also a good time for you to begin anew.  Jupiter is also going to be running through your sign so it can be an very optimist energy, just be wary not to over-do it and that includes over eating or drinking as you will have a tendency to gain weight right now.  Watch your expenses right now there may be something that goes on right now that makes you feel like you have been here before and that includes factors related to partnerships/relationships.

LIBRA:  Home and family will be the focus this month, but it also seems that a child will steal your heart.  This is a month of solving problems.  You are capable of making the right connections.   Some of the problems you are dealing with could relate to care-taking of a child or mother-child issues. This month also features news, some of which you will find very exciting.  On the other hand it will be important to keep a level of restraint on your emotions, perhaps because there is so much to deal with at one time. You can also count on many interruptions/disruptions this month.

SCORPIO:  You can expect an abundance of clarity this month.  Sadness is the result of not knowing enough too much is hidden or unknown.  Losses, even loss of life could leave a good many question.  As more things come to light there will be some decisions that will need to be made.  It will be the whole decision making process that will be such an Achilles heel for you.  Even this can be a creative time for you it will also be a time of great responsibility and accomplishment.  There also seems be a bit of an issue with privacy as well as a sense of pessimism related to addictions or addictive behavior.

SAGITTARIUS:  You could be impressed with the muscles or physically abilities of a child.  But this energy will also make you more aware of children who bully as well as those who get bullied.  Be careful of taking any risks when it comes to your health. Then again with it comes to any risk it will pretty much go as you intuited.    Expectations also seem to hit their mark this month.  You might also be occupied by family member or with a building/home this month.  Another thing to pay attention to this month will be that some strategy is about sacrifice.

CAPRICORN:  This month features advice and training/education that can be life changing and very empowering.  You will not always speak up when you should.  It could be that you are enduring something on a daily basis.  Just remain firm and try not to let your days stress you out as then it can affect your health.  There could also be a good many memories right now of your mom.  It could even be that someone is worried about the mind/memory of a parent right now.  It will be important this month that you don’t tax your system and watch your diet.

AQUARIUS:  This month highlights partners and the resources of partners.  This is a month when you can listen to your inner voice.  Even dreams are talking to you this month. This is a month that features just rewards and endings.  Together you have just rewards at the end of something.  It even looks like when something is finished you are going away or taking a vacation or time off, an end of summer last hurrah.   In some situations you will withdraw but in other you might completely stop something else.

PISCES:  It is a very confusing and scattered time right now for your Pisces.  This month features early mornings in order to keep on top of things. This month also features help.  But if you are the one doing the helping, make sure the person you are helping deserves it and appreciates it.  Watch also for those people who think they deserve special treatment or for some reason the rules don’t apply to them.  It is important to set good boundaries, particularly with those closest to you.  It will also be important to use a little restraint with your emotions this month.

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