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Venus in Retrograde (0 Virgo 46 minutes-14 Leo 23 minutes)

July 31, 2015

Let’s start this article off with a brief description of what is meant by retrograde.  Retrograde naturally refers to going backwards.  However, planets and asteroids don’t really go backwards.  Actually it is only an optical illusion resulting from the different speeds they move at.  So for a short time any planet, asteroid even Transneptunians (TNPs) can appear to be going backwards at certain times in space.

We are presently dealing with Venus being retrograde as of July 25, 2015 and it will continue to be in retrograde motion until it stations (stops).  Here again the ‘stopping’ is also part of that optical illusion.  The day Venus will station again (as it did on July 25th) until September 2, 2015.

Like the Mercury Retrograde there are good things about the retrograde and there are things one should avoid during Venus Retrograde.   The areas of Venus are however, different then the areas of Mercury.  With Venus, things like money and relationships can be highlighted.  Even the idea of beautification comes under the energy of Venus as Venus is also about things like artwork.  If we think about the idea of retrograde and that reverse energy, starting things like new relationship or even buying pieces of art during this time may not be the best idea.

In the case of art or even acquiring things like an apartment can mean paying too much.  The same could be said of new relationships, there can be more expectations than can be met.  As with Mercury Retrograde, it isn’t a good idea to start new things related to Venus.  It is however a great time to review, rebuild, beautify and art, home environments or relationships.

The energy of this particular Venus is in Leo.  It just hits Virgo, but retrogrades immediately back into Leo and will go all the way back to 14 degrees of Leo.  The energy of Leo ruled by the Sun is not the strongest place for Venus.  Here there is a tendency to be more “self-oriented” rather than concerning oneself with the issues or desires of another.  Venus is ruled by Libra and Taurus.  In Libra in particular you are dealing with the principles of partnership and seeing things from the perspective of another.  In both signs beauty and art are highlighted.  Now in Leo is might be more about what we look like.  Beautification could be more related to our own homes or personal environments.  Leo is the lion or his own home, so personal environments will be one area that can be highlighted.  It is also the sign of children and creativity and pride.  But during the retrograde it could be these same areas will need a little extra attention as could your personal relationships.

Venus is about value and Leo rules the Sun.  So it will be very important to feel secure within relationships, to feel that one is appreciated and cared for.  Establishing the quality of value for each other is a great way to use this Venus Retrograde energy.  But if you run into a dress you just have to have, be wary as you might find you don’t like it so much or worse yet, it is going to cost more than it might be worth.  Valuing yourself and those you love is what it is all about and is the best way to use this energy.  It is also a great time to make your space beautiful as a way to appreciate yourself and anyone else who lives with you.

Though Venus Retrograde affects everyone on some level, it really affects those who have degree points in Leo from 14 degrees on.  But since all fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio will also be affected, so where does this Venus retrograde fall in your chart?

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