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New Moon Predictions for August 14, 2015   (21 degrees of Leo 31 minutes)

July 31, 2015

ARIES:  Some things that might come to your attention this month is the idea of being on your own, or going it alone. There could be some added pressures at work or related to your goals.  It is important to maintain control as there could be a great deal of question concerning several situations that are “smoking” right now.  The fact that things are so unpredictable, and at times you are unpredictable, makes things feel oppressive.  Just keeps feeling like the timing is off.

TAURUS:  Houses, buildings or dwellings will come to your attention this month as well as the idea of being dependent on someone or counting on someone.  Relationships can be touchy right now, if not yours directly then it will show up with those around you.  Issues surrounding fairness and or finances are likely.  Tears are also possible, as there could be something very serious or even sad.  At times you or others will feel as though you are put in the middle or made the patsy.

GEMINI:  There could be some lessons that people just have to learn on their own.  There could be too many temptations to go places or do things you just wouldn’t ordinarily do.  Pay attention to animals, particularly black faced dogs. It may come to your attention how people bury their pets or handle the death overall of animals.  Strange partnerships and situations where people just don’t seem to fit will come to your attention. Using logic helps you get right to the point.

CANCER:  There is a great deal of attention paid to money and particularly money at the beginning of something.  In the beginning things may have to be “destructed” before they can be constructed.  Feels like work and the labors are on-going with no relief in sight.  Again if this is not you, it will be someone who is around you. Watch too for those who over-react, and this too could be you.  In this line up it seems that there are those situations that will require a good bit of strategy to deal with all the complications.

LEO:  People can be very territorial about those with whom they are in charge of. This as well as the idea of co-dependency and how some people just think they are here to serve others.  It is a busy and exciting month for you personally.  The Sun, Moon and Venus are all here sitting together making you feel good and confident.  There could be many compliments and of course “gifts.” There is a highlight on the stomach, so make sure you are paying attention to your gut.  It could also come to you attention the connection between the stomach and grief.

VIRGO:  Paying attention and being very present on a daily basis will be important to you right now. Your intuition is good but still things will not go exactly as you think they will.  This can also be a time of increases optimism and this can also increase your opportunities.  Pay attention to money and to your expenses.  There could also be something that happens this month to make you feel, “here we go again.” There is also something here that talks of smiling faces.  How does one get caught up when someone else smiles?

LIBRA:   You continue to make new connections and contacts. There could be a focus on those who are very smart or clever, particularly those who seem to be able to just roll with the punches.  Perhaps you yourself are accepting of situations you can’t do anything about. Careful of spending too much money on accessories this month, that includes everything from jewelry to home fixtures.  Another feature that comes to your attention this month is the fact that beautiful people can interrupt or disrupt the surroundings.

SCORPIO:  Those who have trouble sleeping will come to your attention, and there will be a time or two when that someone will be you.  Health issues could be a focus this month, particularly those issues that are brought on by bad habits, drugs/medications or alcohol.  Decisions will be another highlight this month.  It may be decisions related to how to better serve or service others. Gender issues could also come into play this month. This month also highlights angry children or an angry child.

SAGITTARIUS:  One of the first notes that will come to your attention is the expectations of those in charge. This will show up both ways, so what you might be asking yourself this month is what your own expectations are of those in authority or in charge.  There could also be some attention to risks and chances someone is taking with their own health or well-being. There is also some strategy related to dealing with the truth, and again health or medical matters could be the focal point.

CAPRICORN:  You will notice Capricorn that people can be very ‘selfish, self-centered’ when it comes to their memories.  It also mentions someone is taking the plunge, either by giving advice (or teaching) or by taking or giving advice.  Things continue to change and transform and as they do there is greater clarity, making this a great time for learning or going back to the basics.  There could also be something about the cost of food, or money that is gotten through food. This is also a good month to enjoy your home family, a time to prefer the peace of home.

AQUARIUS:  This is a great time to use your creativity to give yourself a makeover, making this a great time to go through what you have and make it over or get rid of it.  This is also a wonderful time for dreams and intuition that could be the result of dreams.  Your own intuition is very good now, you can trust it. It can also be time to stop or put a halt to something. It may have taken you sometime to figure out how but it will be important to follow through.  This month also features a check or a “checks.”

PISCES:  This month features “just rewards” and how justice can sometimes happen in the end.  This month also features a lack of clarity that could be tied to the fact that something is seasonal or there could be a degree of “destruction” involved.  Starting your days earlier in the morning can help to sort out some of the craziness as your days will tend to be a bit scattered this month.  This month also features help that arrives in the 11th hour.   It will also be important to set up good boundaries, particularly with those closest to you.



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