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New Moon Predictions for July 15, 2015

July 1, 2015

Using Planets, several hundred Asteroids and Transneptunians (TNP)!

ARIES:  There may be a great deal of excitement around something where there are still so many questions left unanswered.  It is important right now to apply boundaries even with those closest to you due to the fact that it can be very oppressive right now.  As you focus on your goals right now, it is important to keep in mind your self-worth.  Money has a way of going up and down very quickly this month.

TAURUS:  Depending on others, particularly related to houses or buildings can be costly.  On a whole other level, partners and significant others could be going through something rather serious right now.  This month features going it alone or doing something alone.  Whether it is you or someone close to you, there is a sense that someone is being left alone.  Intuition can be very on right now, however this energy can also relate to pain.

GEMINI:  Avoiding issues is getting out of control. There could be an awareness of situations where people just don’t fit.  It could simply be odd couples that don’t seem to go together.  Using logic and structure can really help.   There are some new beginnings related to money and credit.  It could be new opportunities to get more money.   But it also shows present issues that are not easily resolved these issues could have something to do with the season.

CANCER:  Bonding with others where someone is over-reacting can cause complications and intrigues.  Little surprises are likely this month. There could be some strategy related to a neighbor or neighborhood, maybe a need to please a neighbor?  This month your mind is very active, but this can also make you more argumentative, so be wary.  Listen to your gut when it comes to work and goals.  This is your month, and your confidence should feel that boost of energy.

LEO:  There is an awareness of how people are dependent on someone to serve them or clean things up for them.  There also could be an awareness of the body in the early mornings.  It maybe that you are up very early this month and you notice that your body moves a bit slower.   This is also about how some people have to go through things more than once before they finally get it.  It is like you are more awake and aware this month, which also features family members going off to school.

VIRGO:  The blame could be put on the fact that things have to be done more than once.  There could also be more awareness of how people treat their partners and some are not so nice.  It will also come to your attention that what people pride themselves in the most can also bring them down the hardest.  It will also come to your attention that some people will smile even in the saddest circumstances.  One solution really could be that you need to fake it till you make it.

LIBRA:  You can expect some interruptions and disruptions this month.  But some of it will be to meet some beautiful people.  This is a month that features new contacts and connections. Medical issues can affect a person’s hair and that could come to your attention this month.  There could be some issues with sleep this month.  It also seems there is a great deal that is unknown about traveling or a traveler.

SCORPIO:  This month features decisions with many of them related to work or goals.  There could be some pessimism related to a medical or health issue.  This issue whether yours or someone else’s will be a point of contention this month.  There could be some concern regarding a child and their muscular system, it maybe a sport that is affecting their muscles.  But it can also relate to how someone has to be disciplined in order to take risks or to participate in things like sports.

SAGITTARIUS:  You might be more aware of those in authority taking risks.  You yourself could be put into a position where you have to put what you know on the line.  Pictures in your mind can trigger memories.  There could also be expectations regarding health issues.  It is a month that features getting to the truth and compassion, whatever that might mean.  There could be discussions about giving in to one’s body type.

CAPRICORN:  This month features things like advice about haircuts.  Someone may be thinking about taking the plunge.  Things are changing and transforming around and within you.  It might be time to make some change externally as well.  There could be some issue with knowing whether or not to speak out or speak up.  Perhaps you can’t trust your memory right now.  There could be a lack clarity in general making you feel stuck.

AQUARIUS:  It may be wise to stop or take a break from something right now. Listen to your dreams and your gut, which is not doubt tell you the same.  It may be worth it to spend a bit of money on some kind of makeover. This month also features “smoked foods.” Speaking of food, there could also be some discussion about food costs.  It may be that you find yourself out and about a great deal.

PISCES:  This month can features checks and other factors that can represent just rewards that are given at the end of a project or situation. Though right now it looks as though endings are not real clear and life can feel scattered.  But help is also featured this month. Though it could be you helping another, alternative methods are also featured.  Things also seem to happen at night. It is important to make sure you are valued by those around you.



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