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July 1, 2015

Medical/Diagnostic Astrology

Decided to do a little article about the new work I have been getting involved in. it has been a very exciting adventure so far and I only hope it continues.  Without being too specific I was referred to an Amish woman who wanted work done for herself and her daughter.  Turns out the daughter had a problem that was able to be solved through astrology. Not to brag, but the chart suggestions turned out to be better than the doctors, in this case anyway.

With astrology we can read all organs and all afflictions.  Much work is being done with cancer and cancer patients.  We are even able to read whether or not someone has the BRAC1 or BRAC2 gene which is genetically transferred.  Even down to the cancer treatment, astrology is able to follow the process and progress the whole way.  In some cases, things can be learned through astrology that can be helpful in the treatment.  Things such as vitamin deficiencies for example are obvious in the chart.
The irony here of my story is two-fold.  First of all I was doing astrology for Amish.  Right there is a huge honor.  The woman knew instantly I did research and she whole hearted agree to engage me.  Secondly her doctor who claimed to be a holistic recommended steroids, which I assume is common with this problem.  Except in our case she is Amish and because of what was wrong with her steroids were not a good option. It would have magnified her symptoms, again all this from astrology.
From the chart it really looked like we needed to stay with real natural remedies.  So I contacted my teacher.  She already does this work and has a wonderful support system.  She was able to give me a recipe or compound that was completely natural.  I gave it to my client; she was then able to get it made here locally.

Within two to three weeks her daughter was like a new person. At this point her mother feels she is completely healed.  She is so happy and excited at not only how we worked but how successful the whole adventure turned out to be.

What can be seen using the medical asteroids is amazing and enlightening.  So much information can be had through the astrology chart.  As I stated my teacher is working with a medical group and have great success working with patients and helping health care workers and doctors to clarify illnesses, sometimes even treatments are discussed.

Recently the official who represents alternative medicine of the Government of Great Britain made the announcement that Astrologers need to come back to medicine in order to take the pressure off of doctors.  Yes, once upon a time, say about 600 or 700 years ago.  You would have had to be an astrologer in order to be a doctor, Nostradamus and Kepler to name a few.

We have only just begun to apply Medical Astrology here in this country and already it has been eye opening and very successful.  I continue to be awed by all astrology can do for us, how much we can learn.  I am just so excited and grateful to be a part of this new work.

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