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New Moon Predictions for June 16, 2015

May 29, 2015

ARIES:   Due to interactions with others, it is very likely your own opinions are changing.  It could be due to the gathering of or learning new information.  Something has you very excited right now, probably related to work or goals.  This is a time when you are very focused on your work and goals. But it can also feel very oppressive, and even lonely.  The fact that you are on your own is highlighted as is the fact that you are often in a position where you are dependent on someone else.  It is a very unpredictable time, even you are unpredictable.  This may be very true as it relates to a house or building.

TAURUS:  Though relationships are featured this month, so is the idea of being alone.  So even those who are in relationships will be dealing with some things you have to do on your own. It may be that you are in a serious situation where you are the “patsy.” At the very least you seem to be the “go to” guy. In some cases other people will be negative or unable.  But pay attention to your own intuition as it seems to be pretty good right now.  On the other hand pay attention to the idea of pain in general; it could be a tough time with something that hurts.

GEMINI:  Looking at the new beginnings or the structure of something new.  It is very exciting and very likely it will be hard to sleep at times.  There is a question here if people fit well together, as it will often seem as though in partnerships people really are different from one another.  Watch money and spending as you will find you are doing too much on credit while waiting for the dollar.  There can be some withdraw from production or business at this time.  It is a great time to bond with others.  But be wary of the idea of over-reactions, particularly in situations where there is just not enough, or there is too little too late. But there can be some exciting surprises as well.

CANCER:  There could be some strategy related to neighbors or the neighborhood. This is a good time to listen to your gut.  It will come to your attention that sometimes people can be very partial to those who work under them. There could be a situation related to a bank or a banking practice that is out of control.  Critters that get into things will come to your attention this month.  Co-dependency will come to your attention or those whose job it is to serve others will come to your attention.  Serious matters could be brought to your attention.

LEO:   Body image could be important to you right now.  It may be that you will want to make a good impression on others.  Things feel very scattered right now and this can make things feel as though they are moving very slowly.  In some cases you may have to do things more than once.  Your intuition is very good right now but things will still be exactly as you thought.  Some things going on right now will make you feel sad. Music can be good for you this month.  You are very conscious of what is going on around you right now.   When things really get going it is best to do things in pieces.

VIRGO:  Money for food or caretaking will come to your attention this month. The idea of pretending as a way to solve a problem or issue, gives new meaning to the idea of faking it till you make it.  To solve problems could also involve some form no risk; it can also be something requiring movement, travel or acting quickly, no doubt all of the above.   You might also notice how clever people can sometimes get their desired goal but leave all the consequences to those around them.  Unresolved matters from the past can renew or keep you excited.  It is an exciting time to remember the good times of the past.  Plenty of money can bring its own piece of mind.

LIBRA:  The month features being very excited about a new beginning that may require jumping through many hoops.  Communication and being quick mentally are all featured this month.  A new connection with someone who can be very intense is featured as well.  There can also be a sense of “knowing” when it comes to new contacts and new connection, no matter how intense.  This month also features issues and illnesses that can result from addictions or behaviors that are out of control.  This can also include things like over the counter drugs, or medications given by a doctor, even being a work-a-holic can have very adverse affects on your health.  Also featured is sleep patterns when people are away from home.

SCORPIO:  Decisions can be a real struggle this month.  There can also be a sense of “gloom and doom” related to decisions.  Perhaps there is a fear of an invasion of privacy as a result?  There could also be a highlight on those who work in a doctor’s office or some other service area in the health field.  It also features things like “health savings.”  There could be some sadness or serious thought revolving around a child or even the restrictions or lessons of that child.  It can also be about the “child within.”   Discipline and structure can help right whether it is for you or for a child in your life.   There is also a strong emphasis on family and the home environment.

SAGGITARIUS:  You might be asked to put your own credibility on the line.  There is also attention paid to things like “muscle memory.”  You might feel stressed due to things that feel “fated” or perhaps you “knew” it could be like that.  It is a month that features strategy and planning.  The truth is also very important, whether you are seeking it or you are passing it along.  It is a month when you want to focus on being able to express yourself.  If you are an artist or work with any form of expression this can be a good month.  It could feel a bit lighter this month and a bit less oppressive so take advantage.

CAPRICORN:  A time for rethinking and perhaps evening giving into things you just can’t keep fighting.  It is a month when you can be very compassionate for those who are going through health crisis and issues.  It can be a great time to take the plunge, maybe a new hair cut you have been thinking about.  It is also a good time to listen to and take advice from others as well as give advice yourself when times call for it. The key on both sides being to “listen,” you or others might not be speaking up or speaking out.  Perhaps your mind or someone else’s is very limited in what they remember.  Perhaps there is too strong of a “self-focus.”

AQUARIUS:  You can boast a great clarity of mind right now.  This is a perfect time to gain more knowledge.  It also features money that seems to go up in smoke.  Here too there is a highlight on money used for things like food or caretaking.  A makeover could be in the making!  Good time to redo either your own appearance or the appearance of something else. Wisdom comes to you particularly at time in your dreams, pay attention.  Listen to that inner voice and your own intuition right now.  This will be particularly true with regard to situations that need to stop or be stopped.

PISCES:  This month features getting what your just dues, particularly with regard to checks/payment that happen at the end of the project or contract.  It will also be a good time to withdraw particularly from situations you feel are not clear, situations that could be deceptive or misleading.  Then again there can be more clarity when there is a bit of a distance or time.  Situations can be very chaotic and scattered right now.  Early mornings are also featured as a way to help with the chaos.  This month also features the idea of help that comes in the eleventh hour, whether you are on the giving end or the receiving end.  Pressure to keep boundaries particularly with those closest to you comes to your attention.  There may be much to be questioned right now

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