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New Moon Predictions for May 18, 2015

May 3, 2015

ARIES:  Some things that will come to your attention this month Aries, is the idea of depending on others.  How oppressive it can feel when the timing is off.  It will also be important to realize those times when you do better to go it alone.  There can be some issues related to a house or building this month.  You will want to pay attention to things like expenses as well as fairness in relationships. There could be some serious surprises to be wary of in the next month.  Perhaps there is hope of something ending, but alas it is not.

TAURUS:  Home and family will be your focus this month.  You might find that there are many things you have to take care of on your own.  Some of these things could even feel painful to you, but it is also a good time to tune into your own intuition.  There are things related to automobiles or vehicles that will call you attention in the next month.  In other situations, it may be that something has gotten out of control.  Logic and structure will be very helpful with new beginnings.  This is a time when you can get the credit you deserve, and your confidence is with you.

GEMINI:  This is a month when you might get very excited about something that could be a risk.  Taking chances are very likely right now, as well as the idea of being fast.  There could be some great temptations regarding work or production, but these could be just to test you.  Bonding with others will be a great way to take action and to get results.  There could a situation where there a sense of not quite enough money.  Be wary of over-reactions this month, whether yours or someone else’s.  There is some attention here to neighbors.

CANCER:  This is a time when you might want to focus on your body and maybe clearing or cleaning up something related to your body.  It will be a slow process.  It also mentions the early mornings, so a great time to rise early and get a head start.  This will not always go the way you expect them to, no matter how strong your own personal intuition is.  This month focuses on serving or being of service to others, but it all also brings to your attention things like co-dependency.  There could be much grieving about things that have gotten out of control, time to get it back.

LEO:  In the next month it will be important to remain very conscious of what you are doing.  Things may have to be done in pieces.  This also gives a strong attention to siblings whether your own or of others.  There also seems to be at least one situation where you are saying to yourself, “here we go again.”  The fact that some allow for others to treat them badly, that they come to expect that.  That fact that you are happy or feel good is a great source of pride to you, but you may not be feeling so proud right now.  The idea of pretending also comes up this month, could you be pretending to feel better then you really do?

VIRGO:  There doesn’t seem to be a resolution in sight when it comes to the need to be clever or dealing with others who are so clever they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions.  When it comes to money, you might have to be creative this month.  There is a great deal of excitement regarding matters of the past.  Business matters from the past in particular might come to your attention.  To know if someone has the answers or who is more aware will be noticeable in their faces. This month also features interruptions or disruptions or complete redirection, but you take it in stride.

LIBRA:  Intuition could be very honed in this month.  It could also be that some of your new contacts or connections could feel very familiar, even if you just met.  It may be the excitement of pending change, but you have a great deal of restrained excitement right now.  Be wary as there seem to be some things that are still unknown.  It will be important that you take care of yourself and your health right now, as the stress could be affecting you.   Sleep issues are very likely and this will be more so for those who are away from home.

SCORPIO:  As the truth becomes known or clearer there is also a feeling of pessimism.  There could be some issues around privacy.  Look to how decisions can be your weakness this month.  It may be that you are just trying to get past things that have already happened. This will be particularly true as it relates to the outside world or your work/career.  It is a serious time, and a time to think about more serious things such as your health.  Savings and having a savings will come to your attention this month.  Co-dependency will also come to your attention.

SAGITTARIUS:  There could be a great deal of thought about children, perhaps how to discipline a child.  It can even bring up issues of being separated from a child.  There are some opportunities that could require risk.  But it could be a great way to achieve credibility and independence.  Expectations regarding photographs could also be featured.  It is a good time to be more aware of your muscles and perhaps a need to take better care of you by doing more physically.  You are also more aware of the truth right now.

CAPRICORN:  Compassion is a key word this month.  It may be that there are some things that you will just have to give into this month, even if it doesn’t feel like it isn’t good for you or that someone is trying to pull one over on you.  For some this is a great time to take the plunge and get that short haircut.  Things are transforming in your life and in your body.  It will be important to listen to advice about your health.  If you do recall something you then have to think about whether or not it is worth speaking up or speaking out.

AQUARIUS:  Life can feel a bit consuming this month. It may be that either you or someone you are dealing with could be a bit self-centered and self-absorbed right now.  Money seems to be coming in right now, maybe something to do with your mind or memory helps to bring it in.  There are also checks for payment that comes at the end of something.  This is a good time to think about things like a makeover.  This is also a great time for wisdom and the focus could be on evenings.  Pay attention to your dreams this month as this is a good place for wisdom to come in.

PISCES:  This month features getting away as a reward!  It will still be important to get an early start on your days this month, otherwise things could get a bit scattered.  There could be a great deal of compassion and help for those less fortunate.  But it also stressed the idea of boundaries, even with those who are close to you and this will be particularly true in situations that are unusual or out of the ordinary.  There could be some excitement with regard to your work or career.  There could also be questions regarding a volatile situation.


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