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New Moon Predictions for April 18, 2015

April 1, 2015

ARIES:  We could start off by discussing the fact that other people feel very oppressive right now.  There could be a great deal of attention paid to fairness within partnerships, or even the expense of relationships.  It is a serious time; others could be rather negative at times.  It might be a good idea to do things more on your own right now.  The unpredictable nature of things can put you in some bad situations. Getting yourself involved in some adrenaline causing activities is also featured.  Logic can be your friend right now, so use it.

TAURUS:  This month features new beginnings that are very exciting for you.  It may be that you are driven for more knowledge in an area of your life you gain credit for your actions.  This is a good time for you, because no sooner do you think about an idea that you are able to put it into action.  Your energy can seem boundless right now.  Perhaps you are striving in many areas for that credibility, often feeling that things will not be easily resolved.  There could be a bit of bonding with others this month.  It is a great time to get away, maybe a vacation!

GEMINI:     This month features over reactive guts, so be wary that you are not over-doing it with regard to your own stomach.  It may come to your attention to people can become very protective and attached to those under their care.  This month also features strategy related to work, or how to serve others.   Be wary as you can be surprised how something or someone so nice can turn out to be a villain in their own way.  There could be some financial matter hounding you right now.  Co-dependency issues make it hard to keep boundaries, this can cause sadness.

CANCER:  Body image and getting things clean/cleared up are featured this month.  It will be important to realize that things may go slowly this month.  Perhaps things have to be done more than once.  This is also a month when things will not go quite how you predict it, even if you are feeling very intuitive, something will be off.  This may be due to the fact that early mornings can also feature days of being scattered.  It will be important to also stay very conscious this month, stay alert to what is going on around you.

LEO:  A month when the addictions and affliction of partners could be to blame. This can also indicate the partners of those close to you.  There is a sense of here we go again with regard to a situation that feels very restrictive, even cruel.  There is a feature here about partial smiles or pieces of a smile.  Maybe it even features a sibling’s smile.  There is also a note here where someone is pretending, perhaps it is a mother or it relates to mealtime. Be wary that you are not so involved in something that you miss something greater.  This can also be a very optimistic time.

VIRGO:  Memories could be strong right now, pulling on your heart strings.  There may also be those situations where you have been a bit too complacent.  It is a good time to go in and ferret out the details that you need.  It will also be important to be mindful of the facial expressions of those around you.  Maybe you are even more aware of your own expressions.  There can also be a stronger awareness of how some people let others take responsibility for their actions. There is also a note here about someone with pretty hair; maybe a beautiful person with beautiful hair will get your attention.

LIBRA:  For you connections and contacts can feel fated.  There can be feelings of connectedness to a larger whole.  Sleep issues are possible right now.  This will be particularly true if you are traveling or away from home.  It could also be true in the cases of those who might come into your life that are “away from home.” But on the other hand if you are sleeping, pay attention to the message of your dreams.  So much is going on around you that you feel you don’t know; many unknowns or things that, are not yet discovered.

SCORPIO:  Health matters could be your weakness right now.  There may even be some decisions you will make regarding your health at this time.  Decisions in general could be a focus this month, some of these decisions could involve your privacy.  It could also be that you are pessimistic regarding at least some of those decisions this month.  It may be important to keep things more to yourself with regard to those you work for, or those who might have co-dependency issues. This month also focuses on saving, whether that is related to financial matters or to information.

SAGITTARIUS:  There has been some serious issues revolving around or related to a child. There could be responsibilities or restrictions that are burdensome, but they are worth it.  Matters that could have felt risky to you, could really hit their mark.  This will be particularly where the authorities are involved.  It all could relate to a matter of credibility for you.  There is also a sense that things are the way they are, and yet this is a great time to deal with areas particularly health related where you can actually exceed your expectations through your own intuition.

CAPRICORN:  There could be some strategy used to deal with the truth, which could mean the truth has been compromised.  It is also a time that featured compassion, as well as giving in as a way to get through something.  Even if you feel you are about to make the “plunge.” Hair cuts are also featured this month, and it may be a good pick-me-up.  It is important to listen to advice, particularly as it relates to your health.  You understand that what you are hearing can be very transformation to you and particularly to your health. No matter what you remember it will be difficult to speak out.

AQUARIUS:  A month that features things like money and memories.  Maybe money made from one’s memories? As things are made over, there can be clarity and understanding.  This is a month that also features endings, in particular final payments as well as completely stopping something. (At least for the moment) It could be a wonderful time to get away, maybe take a vacation.  Though there can be many just rewards during this period, it will also be a very scattered time.  There is an emphasis on early mornings.  At times it can even be explosive, bursting with activity.

PISCES:  It is a good time to question “help” and the idea of helping.  Whether it is someone helping you, or your giving help to another.  Boundaries will be important, in many cases there isn’t a great deal of clarity.  Though you feel very sympathetic, much of what you are doing will depend on another.  You might seem to have more energy in the evening this month.  It may be that you are involved in some metaphysical or alternative program.  This is a great time to not only heal but to learn deeper lessons in life.  It also seems to highlight it idea of “home alone.”


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