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New Moon Predictions for February 18, 2015

February 6, 2015

ARIES:  The first thing that comes to mind this month is how music can be a motivator.  Particularly at the start of projects, music can give you that extra lift. Pets too might require a bit more attention. There also seems to be more opportunity to have social outings with others.  With that said, you might be more mindful of how someone people are affected by things like alcohol.  It could be a time when you feel oppressed, perhaps because you don’t seem to be getting the credit you deserve.  There could even be some issues with credit and debt.

TAURUS:  Listen to your gut when it comes to who you can trust.  But this is a tough month for your stomach, so be wary of stomach issues if you have them.  Money surprises are possible, and hopefully they will be positive surprises.  Working and staying busy are ways to avoid other people and situations.  Animals can be a focus as well.  It may be very soothing to spend time taking care of animals or pets.  It may also be important to spend some time with financial strategy, particularly as it relates to banking or the banks.

GEMINI:  Things in your life may be out of control right now.  It could very likely affect your body.  This is a time when you might notice and pay attention to these things.  You might be, for example, grieving over your body or physical conditions as the result of over-eating or drinking.  In some cases you might be more aware of what addictions in general can do to the physical body.  It also looks as though things are going very slowly right now, and that includes any new health regime or diet.  Just be wary not to turn it all into a crisis!

CANCER:  Early mornings are featured for you this month Cancer.  It will be one way to deal with the fact that you feel so scattered right now.  It will be important to clean or clear things up, whether related to your health or health regime or to clearing offices or homes.  It will be important to feel awake, though it may also be a time or two when this will be difficult.  Also watch for those who come off smiling but actually they are anything but nice.  It will also come to your attention this month that when someone can be very connected to another even though they are treated very badly.

LEO:  There could be issues related to the partners of siblings.  But it can also relate to expenses that occur because things are in pieces or are scattered in more than one location.  From time to time, you will also get that sense of “here we go again.” This may be true particularly with those who are close to you, such as partners or siblings.  Even with Jupiter the most optimistic of energies is running through the sign of Leo, you will still feel that you are pretending to be happy and cheerful.  At this point you might be more aware of the fact that it pays to take care of yourself and your health.

VIRGO:  You might be considering the cost of a health issue or the cost of solving a problem that could be affecting your health.  Cures or solutions seem to come in many forms, and it may take more than one solution or fix to cure a problem.    It is also a month when your heart strings can be triggered by nostalgia and thoughts of the past.  It will also be pretty easy to detect how much someone knows by the look on their face.  Facial expressions can be important this month.  There could also be something pretty that makes you feel better.

LIBRA:  Clever people are featured this month and the fact that when people are clever they know how to disrupt or change the course of events so that they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their actions.  Someone’s hair could come to your attention, perhaps even your own hair.  Pretty faces and good looking people seem to be getting your attention.  It will be important to pay attention to advice about your health or well-being.  There could be a great deal going on that you are unaware of when it comes to travel or people who are away from home.

SCORPIO:  A health matter or issue could be setting you back this month. One issue is that you may have some difficulty with sleeping this month.   There is also a great deal of pessimism related to a competitive matter.  Gender issues could come to your attention.  Matters of savings come to your attention, it may be related to the dependency of a child and how it could be affecting a child in a sad and or serious way.  At the very least there could be a concern regarding the saving of a child.

SAGITTARIUS:  There could be an increase in responsibilities as well as in credibility.  There could also be a sense of settling into new responsibilities even with a degree of risk involved.  Photos will really hit their mark this month.  Health matters will take your attention this month, muscle issues are possible.  There could also be a feeling of health issues being expected.  There is also attention paid to pleasing others and dealing with strategies that involve the truth.  This month also features advice related to giving up or giving in to something.   Hair is also a featured element this month.

CAPRICORN:  Memories will have great meaning this month.  There could be a stoppage of money related to matter that could be ending.  It is important to remain firm and when you can get to the bottom of matters.  Also you might be paying attention to meal times and in particular the end of meals.  There could even be memories related to meals and endings.  This is a great time to redefine or make yourself over.  You are more aware and there will be many “a-ha” moments.  It will also be important to know when to with draw this month.

AQUARIUS:  A great deal of thinking and questions related to how you are thinking could be waking you early in the morning this month.  You may also find that you or someone close to you is suffering from displaced anger.  Boundaries will need to be set even with those close to you, even if you are dependent on them.  Helping others at work can lead to some real excitement. Vice versa you too could be surprised by the help of another when it comes to work or goals.  It may also be attention to work that is at a distance.  This is a great time to take a risk; you have a great deal of confidence this month.

PISCES:  There could be some excitement about a house; particularly older homes could catch your attention.  A lack of clarity and confusion will make it difficult when someone has to go it on their own.  Even within the relationship, people have to do things alone.  Turning points can feel very tempting and yet you still feel nothing is changing.  It will be important to remain logical even when things feel painful.  It may be that you or someone close to you feels their heart has been broken or they are dealing with cardiac issues.  It is a good time to create new beginnings so go after what it is you really want, or whom it is you really desire.


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