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New Moon Predictions for January 20, 2015

January 7, 2015

Moon & Sun 0 degrees Aquarius 8 minutes!

ARIES:  The constant change makes things so unpredictable, even you.  It can be very oppressive at times.  Very often you will find that your “timing” is off.  Matters are not easily resolved right now.  Things may be out of control and this adds to the complication.  But with all this said, you can be very productive right now.  A surprise withdraw might be in order!  Take some time if you need it, if not you someone else might just surprise you by taking sometime.  Watch out for those who might “rage.”

TAURUS:  Over reactions are something you might be more aware of this month, and that includes your own reactions.  Even animals could be reactive!  This is also about avoiding things, as an overreaction!  This may be true particularly related to work and goals. Situations where people don’t seem to fit, and that includes partnerships where the two people are so different will also come to your attention.  Co-dependency can result from people trying to please each other.  It is important to maintain boundaries and or territories.

GEMINI:  This month features over-indulgences and being neglectful of the body whether yours or someone else’s and could bring you or others to a place where things might be out of control and this will make you feel sad.  This is a time to pay attention to bad habits so you can what you need to.  Bad habit may not only be affecting your body and your body’s health but could also be causing chaos in your life.  This is a month to pay attention to body language.  It may be hard to remember to recall people’s names right now.

CANCER:   Though you are someone with much natural intuition and right now is no different there will be areas where you will be off a bit.  In order to have to ability to fully express your self is really important now, it is important to pay attention to procedures and protocols.  The fact that you will be able to clean things up will help your credibility.  It is very important to pay attention to the details and watch for deterioration.  You could also feel pressured or driven whether it is by the authorities or within your own conscious.  There is a real push or drive.

LEO:  Expenses will come to you attention this month, even if they are the expenses of someone else.  There could also be a great deal of thought about one to one relationship or close friends/partners.  The partners of others could also come to your attention.  It may be that a partner is to blame.  It is important not to be too optimistic this month as you could over-reach.  Something that you are very proud of could be your downfall this month if you are not careful.  This could be related to children as well as something related to self-expression.  There could also be a sense of “here we go again,” related to something.

VIRGO:   The words “Fake it till you make it,” come to mind.  Pretending is not always a bad thing.  If you pretend long enough, you can make it so.  Make sure you are taking care of yourself and eating right.  It is important to your health and energy. You have the ability to solve many problems right now.  On some level you have regained a bit more excitement.  There is a sense of looking back, maybe finding answers there in the past.  There will be more of a sense of peace this month and it may even show on your face.

LIBRA:  Things can get disrupted as people can use their good looks and charm to manipulate situations so they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their own actions.  Watch out for clever, charming, attractive people right now!  It is a time when you are making new contacts and connections but not all the information is known, so you or others are dealing with many unknown factors particularly if you are dealing with people who are away from home.  Be careful that you are taking care of health and health issues.

SCORPIO:  For you Scorpio life can have a very busy feeling, many opportunities and yet there is a sense of “Gloom & Doom.” There could be a weakness or anxiety when it comes to things such as competition, that fear of selection/rejection.  Over all there can be a sense of clarity.  The idea of children being of service could come to your attention, but so could the idea of child workers which can be a very serious matter.  Those in authority don’t always have the right picture!

SAGITTARIUS:  The planet Saturn has just entered the sign of Sagittarius.  This can bring on more responsibilities which can often equal restriction. It is important to take care of a muscle issue; this can also be affecting a bone. So attending to physical issues could be highlighted this month. You are also very capable of great compassion right now, either giving it or receiving it from someone else.  Advice is also featured this month, particularly advice to listen to one’s own mind, just given in or to cut something short.  This is a month that also features endings!

CAPRICORN:  This is a month to stop and listen to the inner voice.  There is a need to take care of yourself.  Getting to the bottom of the matter is important right now and your memory will play a role.  It is also within your own memories that you will find clarity and peace.  Things are changing and it is difficult to know when to speak up or speak out. There are so many questions.  Taking time to withdraw will be important as well as setting boundaries, particularly with those closest to you.  Stick with your goals and there will be just rewards.

AQUARIUS:  You feel very good right now Aquarius, this is your time and it is best if you spend it working behind the scenes.  Helping others as well as receiving help is featured this month.  There could be some temptation to take a risk, either in the areas of romance, communication or travel.   This month also features exciting situations in the home.  It will be important to pay attention to expenses as well as fairness.  It is also important to remember that there are some things one has to do on their own.  Doing or being on your own can be very rewarding right now.

PISCES:  There could be a lack of clarity related to something that excites you this month Pisces. The idea of being logical needs to be taken seriously right now.  Due to this you may not have much energy to work with.  You could be dealing with some painful issues as this is also a great time of healing for you.  It is a time of going off on your own, it also features new beginnings.  New beginnings could also feature addictions; at the very least you will be addicted to it.  It is important to bond with others right now, though time may be limited.


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