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New Moon Predictions for December 21, 2014 (Ingress or Solstice Chart)

December 10, 2014

ARIES:  This can be a good growing in and learning period for you, a great way to set up your New Year.  Being productive can also feel very oppressive right now.  It will seem as though your days are endless. Change as well as the unpredictability of others can add to your moodiness.  It can be a good idea to take time and withdraw if you can.  Withdrawing however will bring its own surprises and complications.  One can always hope that complications will bring on the surprise opportunity to take some time.

TAURUS:  It looks like someone might be using work as a way to avoid over-reactions. But this can also be someone who is over-reacting by avoiding work. No matter be wary that you or others are not taking on more than they can handle. There is a strong emphasis on pleasing others and how you feel the need to serve, but you also need to be mindful of going too far, or going overboard.  This month also highlights automobiles and other modes of transportation.  There could be more awareness of things like wheel chairs or things that make it easier for those who are limited to get around.

GEMINI:  This month may have you down for the moment, as some bad habits have gotten out of control. Let this be what motivates you to greater body awareness and maybe even greater health.  This month in particular highlights the idea of group activities or group support.  It may be that you will do better or go father because you have the backing of a group or association.  But there can also be chaos as a result of the procedures and protocols of others.

CANCER:  Issues with the face or that affect the health will come to your awareness this month.  It may be a time to take care of things like doctor visits or just getting things cleaned/cleared up.  Perhaps some things will have to be done more than once.  Things over all don’t seem to go very fast right now and this can cause some issue.  You intuition has been on lately and this month is no different only don’t be surprised if they don’t go “exactly” as you thought they might.  Working or doing things behind the scenes can be more rewarding right now.

LEO:  There is great optimism and opportunities as you begin your New Year.  The idea of fairness comes into play.  It may be that you are dealing with the partners of siblings. Blame is also a focus this month, though it may just be that what was giving you such pride is a bit too much right now.  It is better to enjoy yourself with other people this month.  There could be a greater feeling or need to get out right now.  It is also likely that you or others are doing things in pieces, and this too can be another area of blame.

VIRGO:  This month starts off by featuring leftovers!  But it also features the idea that one has to do things over and over again.  It is a great time to learn more about foods that can help solve health problems.  Eating right could be a good way to begin your year.  This month features the fact that there are so many things you are excited about.  It may be that you are involved in a new interest or business that really excites you.  It is also possible that your life could feel as though you are dealing with a great deal of disruptions, but more likely you could experience a disruption that could change your direction.

LIBRA:  Be wary of pretty faces, as people who look good often let the consequences of their actions fall on others.  It is funny how some people can get things done with just a smile, even if what they are asking others to do is something they should do themselves.  New contacts and connections will serve to inspire and invigorate you.   Make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your health.  There seem to be many things going on that you are still not clear on.  Maybe you still have much to learn with regard to information.  This highlights going away from home or dealing with those who are far from home.

SCORPIO:   Try not to think the worst when it comes to competition and the idea of selection/rejection.  Gender issues as they relate to children could come to your attention.  It is also very important to take care of yourself and matters of health.  It may be your health that is your weakness right now.  Sad and serious photos will come to your attention, perhaps related to the authorities.  The idea of what is serving to others or to yourself.  It could be that you might run into authority figures, including doctors who have very direct ways of hitting the mark.

SAGITTARIUS:  There are some things you just have to give in to.  Some things in life just feel as they are meant to be, Karmic or fated.  This is also a time when you might feel more compassion for those who are less fortunate.  A time for listening and for giving advice when it is needed or asked for, there can be some very good memories at this time of year.   There are some endings or periods of withdrawing (or taking time off) that can be exciting.  It will be important to keep boundaries with regard to who are close to you; this is particularly true regarding children.  Some hard questions can bring clarity.

CAPRICORN:  This is your time of the year Capricorn.  So you feel good!  This is a great time to begin new projects and situations where you can fully express who you are. This month can feature your work or daily routine. It will be difficult to know when and how to speak out at times this month. This can be a scattered time for you.  It may be time to take off for a time, maybe a holiday.  You can depend on others to hit the mark.  Financial situations are in transition right now, and this can also have an effect on your relationships.  This is a time when helping others or even receiving help can lead to “just rewards.”

AQUARIUS:  Household expenses and how that affects or relates to a relationship/partnership could come to your attention this month.  It may be that you want to do your part within the household.  There could also be a concern about how addictions and habits can keep people isolated or on their own.  But there will also be attention paid to those things, or at least something that will excite you a great deal!   It will stimulate you into action.  In painful situations logical thinking can be your only saving grace.

PISCES:  Some beginnings you just have to do on your own.  This will be a bit of a theme this month, whether you or someone close to you.  It is a time when you can use your compassion to help those who are less fortunate.  But it is also a time when many serious matters could be unclear. This is also an indication that eventually things will be very clear.  Bonding with others can be beneficial. Animals could play a role in bonding others.  In other situations it could be that you or others are aware of the small turning points, or turning points that take place in small increments.

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