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New Moon for November 22, 2014

November 11, 2014

ARIES:  The idea of being blind or having to go at something “blind” comes up.  The idea of broken glass or breaking a glass in will be a source of excitement.  There is also some attention to fast roads, or people going somewhere fast. Hunting season is upon us and because of that the work schedule and the idea of being productive will be complicated due to this.  The fact that things, including you remain so unpredictable that at times it can be so much that it feels unproductive.  It may also be your friends who will surprise you! Hopefully, in a good way!

TAURUS:  It will be important not to over-react if you can’t find your pet.  Over reactions related to pets being lost or taken is something you will be aware of this month. Over-reactions overall are featured you could even witness someone go from calm to reactive.  The month also features those in service or being of service.  Workmen in general will come to your attention.  This is a great time to get things done in the house hold.  This month also features restitution or the restoring of something.  It may be important to comply or please others, but it is also important to mind your own boundaries.

GEMINI:  There can be a great deal of confusion when things get out of control. This month also features streets with lots of trees, but it is that time of year after all.  This is a month that features all kinds of transportation, particularly things like cars and buses. But motorcycles or motor scooters could also come into play.  This along with streets indicates a time when local travel could be highlighted.  There could be some sad news or announcement this month.  Something else that could come to you attention is the idea of balding or being bald, so either you or someone else could be concerned about hair loss, or they are just shaving it off.

CANCER:  There could be some attention paid to cleaning up or clearing up something.  It could even be a health related matter. Blood factors could be a factor.  Paying attention to the body language as well as what you can see in someone’s face is featured this month as well. It may be that you are witnessing a situation that is deteriorating.  Substance abuse could be related or even another issue that comes into play.  By really ferreting out certain answers or information you will find that you were right but not quite.

LEO:  There could be issues with partners or the partners of siblings could be featured.  They could also be the source of blame.  This month also features school children.  Though this is a time of optimism, be wary of your expenses. There is attention to smiles and smiling, though this is not always a good or fun thing.  Farmers or farming could come to your attention, maybe an awareness of the strength that works requires.  Fortunately for many it is the end of that season. Pieces of metal or things like utensils will come to your attention as well this month.

VIRGO:  There could be more attention paid to healthy foods or eating healthier. There could be medical issues where one feels a sense of “Here we go again.” It maybe something related to a parent has you concerned.  This is a month that features solving problems whether they are in business or work, there will be many of them.  But also look to the fact that one solution can solve many problems or one problem that requires many solutions.  Then again it may be all the above.  There could be some big interruptions or disruptions this month that can cause you or others to completely change directions.

LIBRA:  New contacts and connections can really excite you right now.  Seeds could be planted for new projects or plans as a result.  There are so many things that seem unknown right now. Be sure to listen to good advice regarding your health.  This month also features the idea of rewards.  In addition it refers to sweets and having a sweet tooth.  The rugged and roughness of younger people will also come to your attention this month.  You might still be dealing with situations or a situation that feels very oppressive or even brutal to you.

SCORPIO:   This month could feature a friend or buddy who is going through a rough time.  This can be a month when all things can feel like a roller coaster, up and down.  It is possible that you will feel restricted either in your speech or your thinking.  It may be a good idea to follow advice, even if it feels like you are giving in or giving up.  Remember it is important to keep good boundaries particularly when it comes time to end things.  Much of what is going on this month will feel so “fated” to you.  Wisdom and a bit of psychology can really go a long way.

SAGITTARIUS:  This is your time Sag! It may feel very good to do things behind the scenes but the world is beckoning.  This energy makes you feel a bit better and more secure.  You could even be on the receiving end of some kind compliments.  This is also a time when you want to watch your money; it can be easy to over spend.  There could be some sugar cravings or just a sweet tooth issue this month.  This is a good time to take some time off from work or a project.  Goals now could be more related to the household or family, after all tis the season.

CAPRICORN:  It will be important to speak up or know when to speak out when it comes to getting or even giving help to others.  If you are the one who is to help, make sure the person you are helping really needs help. The idea of being thankful also comes into play.  This is a time of just rewards, whether good or bad.  It is also important to know who your friends are this month because someone around you may not be who you think they are.  It may be a time when you might consider taking a risk or a chance at something. It is a time to be more aggressive.

AQUARIUS:  A month that features good music or using music for a tool to either relax or invigorate yourself.  So it may be a good time to gather up some old tapes. This month also features relationships or bonding situations where people are independent or on their own.  This can be anything from Internet groups to sales or broker situations.  There can be a great deal of excitement about astrology, or any form of logical thinking.   There can also be a great deal of opportunity to use your intuition.

PISCES:  This is a month that features the idea of genius cooking.  Being in the garden or at least gazing up one can be healing for you now.  As the fall heads into winter it holds its own beauty. Get outside if you can, it would do you good.  Maybe take in a bistro and sit outside if it is not too cold. It may also be that you are still trying to get over things or situations. Omens are also featured this month and if you are someone who looks into these things there will be so much that is so telling.

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