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New Moon Predictions for September 24, 2014

September 2, 2014

ARIES:  Overall you might be feeling depressed or oppressed and it has been for a while now.  Work and Career are the focus and the reason; you just can’t get away from the crap at work.   It will still be difficult to be productive due to intrigues and complications.  Surprises are likely that could then make it all more complicated, all of this surrounding work and career efforts.  Things will tend to remain a bit unpredictable in your daily work.  There will be situations that will feel as though they will never be resolved.  Rest your weary eyes when you can.

TAURUS:  For you other people or associates are highlighted.  This is a great time to get away if you can, take that yearly vacation.  But for those who do not have that option, you will still find that you are avoiding if not the work itself someone you work with.  It is also a good time to just plain avoid over-reactions whether they are yours or someone else’s.  People over-reacting about pets for example, might be something you hear about.  Paying attention to inventory can be important this month.

GEMINI:  This is a month where you might find you are more dependent on others or another.  Group activities can be beneficial right now.  Joining a gym or attending more regularly if you are a member is good for you and there is some attention paid to your body image.  This can be a worthy goal, a great time to walk more and drive less.  This is a time when it might be more important to please others and you seem to be acting accordingly.  You might even be aware of how other people really try to please others a good example is the Politian who is looking to get votes from a smaller ethnic group.

CANCER:  Things like dirty faces could come to your attention this month.  It is a month when you may want to work on your own or stay in the background. You are probably pretty disgusted with those in charge, whether it is your government leaders or your boss.  It could feel like those in the know don’t really know much at all.  It might be that timing is just bad right now, for anything you want to do.  There could be strength in a partnership, features strong partners.  Things may not go as you expected or predicted, so take this time to take care of yourself and clean thing up.

LEO:  Could feel like you are in demand this month.  The fact that things are slow or move slowly will be a source of blame on what is going on right now.  You might be feeling healthier and more optimistic regarding health matters this month.  It can be very humbling to have to begin again.  This month also highlights doing things in pieces, which also aids the idea of doing something more than once. Getting and being excited about something can be part of the cure, if not the cure. It might be a piece of jewelry or something pretty that catches your eye this month.

VIRGO:  This month features self-worth and being valued as a person.  It also features interruptions and disruptions could cause directions or focus to change. There seems to be so much going on that you are unaware of; maybe only aware that you don’t have all the information. Communication is featured this month, so be mindful that not all information is available.   It will be important that you are paid what you are worth.  It could also come to your attention how much people are their work. Boundaries will be important particularly with those you love; it could be related to photos.

LIBRA:   This is your time of the year Libra, and as a result you might be feeling a bit better. It is a month when connection with young people or those with great ideas.  Communication is important but so is resting.  Spending time with those closest to you can feel good right now.  Going out of your way to please new connections and contacts are featured. On the other hand, endings will be your weakness this month.  Sometimes there is just so much going on that you just have to give it up and give in.  It will be very important to make sure you are listening when others speak or that you are being heard if you speak.

SCORPIO:  There are several things going on where you might be asking yourself or someone else, “What do you expect?”  This much features knowledge and what you know as well as how you use it to express yourself.  This is also the place of love affairs so be wary of expectations with regard to love and affairs of the heart.  In general you might even seem distant to others, no doubt due to responsibilities.  You may be doing ground work that will set up future in whatever you are doing this month.  Make sure you are taking time for meals and to properly take care of yourself.

SAGITTARIUS:  There is a great deal of creative energy but it can also make you feel grouchy if you don’t use that extra energy.  But all this energy can also cause things to feel very scattered.  Early mornings are featured, and at times it will be only way you get everything in.  This is also the placement of love affairs and children.  It may be important to help others due to things being out of control.  Then again look at those situations where helping others is what has gotten out of control.   Talking risks even traveling could be featured this month along with family or buildings.

CAPRICORN:   The daily routine is featured this month, which makes a good time to do some restructuring to create a healthy and less stressful life style.  Be particularly mindful of issues that could affect the heart or even hormonal issues. The month features the effects of music on the system.  Relationships could feel a bit humbling right now. People can also be very manipulating, particularly in one on one situations.   Debts could be an issue, so keep a mindful eye on spending and expenses. It will be important to remain logical, particularly when dealing with buildings.

AQUARIUS:  This month features the sense that one is on their own but with maybe one more.  Bonding is featured this month, but so is doing something where one is by them self or going their own way.  This is a great month to get to know someone new or renew a relationship.  Bonds that happen now could be psychic in nature, but also a good time to see a psychic of you are so inclined! New beginnings that are taking place right now could be a part of a larger journey of one going or doing things they can only do on their own.

PISCES:  Things continue to be a bit misty for you Pisces.  This might be due to the manipulations of others.  This is a month when you will be more aware of things like power plays and power struggles.  Even if you are not directly involved in the, you are still affected.  People don’t play by the same set of rules because there is a special circumstance or situation.  In the big picture this can be a healing time for you, but healing seldom comes without tears.  Don’t worry it will all be worth it in the end when there is greater clarity.  Right now shared resources could come into question.

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