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New Moon Predictions for August 25, 2014

August 8, 2014

ARIES:  So many issues seem to be on going right now; there are no resolutions in sight.  Other people will seem so unpredictable to you, however, it can be you who is unpredictable, no matter what you feel.  It could be that relationships/partnerships could feel oppressive right now.  Timing in general could feel off.  Complications are likely and it could even be that being productive is one of the factors adding to complications. The job could be adding to your complications.

TAURUS:  Shared resources are a focus this month Taurus.  It may be the issues of others or just the fact that surprises are likely in the coming months.  This is a great time to take a holiday or get away from real life for a moment. There could also be a focus on work that serves or services others.  There could be something about animals as well as how people might avoid one another.  Issues related to over-reactions are likely this month as well as the idea of co-dependency.  The idea of waiting for something is also indicated, in some cases the wait is coming to an end.

GEMINI:  Higher education and philosophy could come to you attention this month.  It is also a great time to look at and even study another culture.  It may be that you are interested in foreign or different culture (maybe western culture) then your own right now.  You are also more aware of the idea of prejudice, and how people treat one another.  If you are driving in unfamiliar territory this month Gemini, you might get lost, be wary.  You also seem to want to look your best, with maybe even more awareness of body image right now.

CANCER:  A theme this month might be “here we go again.”  This is a month that focuses on validation of who you are, particularly as it relates to your career.  There could be a focus on a person’s rights.  It can also be about the validation between partners.  There is also attention paid to details this month as well as being careful to clean up after a mess or mistake.  Cleaning things up or taking care of them will not bring the results you expected; it will be close but not exact. This and the fact that things have to be done over will be a source of blame.

LEO:  This is your time of the year and you feel good as a result.   With both Jupiter and Venus in Leo this month, it is like double your pleasure.  Just be careful you don’t overdo it.  This is a time when many will overspend and over-eat, actually anything with the word over preceding it.  You look and feel good and others are complimenting you.  A month that features presents and good food, maybe even food as a gift.  There is a great deal going on this month some of which could change your course of action.

VIRGO:   It may be that you are thinking about the achievement of your goals this month, as you reflect on your past year.  You are feeling better about yourself, or you will this month. There will be news for you this month; the news seems to get you thinking.  It may be that you are pessimistic about a competition where the ideal of being rejected is possible, but it can also be a decision you have to make that makes you feel so gloomy.   There could even be a bit of sadness mixed in there.  This month also seems to highlight the idea of muscle memory.

LIBRA:  Pay attention to scheduling, particularly at the end of a situation or event.  It also highlights wanting to please others through or because of an ending.  Make sure you are listening to what others are saying.  This will be particularly featured for all you who are Libra’s who work in education or teaching environments.    Giving up to the crap or the excitement depending on how you look at it, will be your weakness this month.  There can also be a good many questions this month, some of which could relate to what you do and don’t know.

SCORPIO:  This is a month when you want to listen to your gut instincts.  Maybe even pay attention to your dreams.  The focus on clarity or knowledge could depend on other people, maybe even business people, or even people at a distance.  Your self-worth or how much you are valued, whether it is you valuing yourself or how others see you that will be highlighted this month.   It may be good for you to withdraw or take some time if you can this month, it would be good for your head or mind in particularly.

SAGITTARIUS:  Something could be out of control, and that can include addictions that could also come to your attention.  Helping others could involve either needing to be quick or perhaps to take a risk of some kind.  It could even be about helping another or others to escape. However, on another note taking risks could also lead to just rewards.  It will be difficult to know when to speak up when it comes to things that are exciting to you.  There could even be sadness to this inability to speak out about matters that are so exciting.  (This can even be sex related.)

CAPRICORN:   A month that could feature things like fairness in partnerships, or even scorekeeping within a relationship.  It can also indicate family members or others who are close to you are going through something that threatens change or a larger scale.  Family, personal connections and those closest to you are highlighted this month.  Using logic or even things like Astrology are also featured in your month ahead.  Being logical about things that are going on in the house in particular, the house or a house is featured this month Capricorn. AQUARIUS:  Being different and even a loner in many respects, this month features bonding with others who might also be loners.  It may be that you are more aware of relationships with people who are intuitive or with people you might connect with on a psychic level.  There could be a sadness related to animals but there is also a great deal of excitement regarding a new beginning something, some journey that you are doing on your own, or that is taking you away from your everyday world.  This can be a very creative month for you, and there could be a highlight on children.

PISCES:  Your outlook can be quiet serious right now.  That may be due to the fact that things are still not clear.  It maybe others are not forthcoming or honest.  It maybe that you are feeling hounded and the fact that everything seems to be an exception to the rule.  It will be a month that requires that you think outside the box.  Alternative methods will work best right now.  This is a time of continual healing and increased clarity.  But it is not without its share of tears.  It is also important to remember that the day to day stress can and will affect a person’s health.



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