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New Moon for July 26, 2014

July 12, 2014

ARIES: This could be a very oppressive time for you, as timing is not great right now. It is a time when vacations and taking time off might be more appropriate. It is a good time to spend with loved ones, family members and those you are closest to. Things continue to be unpredictable, surprises are commonplace. Even those close to you or family members are capable of surprises. Some surprises can be very complicated or cause complication. This month that will highlight communication and day trips, going away but maybe not too far.

TAURUS: The home could be a focus this month or family members have a great deal going on. You may be very focused on goals or work projects making you a bit distant to others. Taking care of pets is also featured this month. Be wary that you are not over-reacting when you feel that someone has over-stepped the boundary. If you are an artist, you might even experience some creative block right now. Pay attention to parts of the body that might be weak right now. This will be particularly true of upper body, but not ruling out leg issues. Also the awareness of how some people are just so different.

GEMINI: Could be a greater awareness of your own body image and what you look like. You may be grieving the loss of your body, maybe things got out of control. A good time to dress yourself up, how a person dresses can be a direct reflection of their creativity. Get creative Gemini! It might also be a good time to pay attention to your car or whatever it is you use for transportation. There could also be a greater awareness of how much people smile when they have drank too much. Your intuition is not bad this month, but there will be something that will not go as you expect.

CANCER: Sometimes being nice is the problem. The children of siblings could come to your attention this month. A month that features news and compliments be wary as you might also be prone to spending too much for pretty things. The medical business will come to your attention as well the fact that in dealing with health matters it can often be more than one issue. It also relates to how one’s health will suffer when there are heavy demands. It is very important to take care of yourself. This month can also feature special meals and learning to be at peace.

LEO: There is a great deal of optimism this month. Not only do you feel good about yourself right now but there could be some opportunities on the horizon that could add to your optimism.   But with all this optimism it will be very important to maintain boundaries with those closest to you and those you love.   There are many factors that are not outwardly visible so all is not yet known, or as it will be. Be wary of those who let their responsibilities fall onto the shoulders of others and are not responsible for the consequences. The more knowledge you have the more things could change. Photos of children could also come to your attention.

VIRGO:  When it comes to competition and or selection/rejection situations, there is a tendency to think the worst. It may also be that competitive situations tend to leave one open to privacy issues. There could be some sadness related to a health issue or health crisis. New beginnings and new situations make it important to please other people, but there could also be special attention paid to scheduling new projects and trips or travel plans. There is also an awareness of listening or being a listener. But it could also be that you are giving advice to others where you really want them to listen to you.

LIBRA: Giving into things that you are questioning is featured this month. Your weakness this month could be a health matter or issue. It may be that something is affecting your thinking this month. It all feels so fated, as if it were just meant to be. Maybe you are expecting too much memory. Listen to the inner voice; you have the wisdom to know when to stop something. This is also a month that features meals with people your work with, or meals for business. You could also be more aware of those people who might use food as a substitute for relationships.

SCORPIO: A month that features depending on others in order to be able to take action. Being responsible and organized can also lead to clarity. It is also important to realize that it is possible to be destroyed by one’s ambitions and keep things in perspective. It will be tough as this is a month when you will often feel tested as well as burdened with responsibility and restriction. Things will also feel very scattered, particularly when things get out of control. It is also important to watch things such as alcohol or drugs. There could be a tendency to over-do it right now.

SAGITTARIUS: Health issues and health regimes that lead to better health are featured. But this can also manifest as focus or awareness of health insurance benefits. There could be some paybacks that occur within a household or community. Some of which are nice, some not so nice. There could be some excitement about risky ventures. A month featuring times when you are not so sure you should speak out or hold your tongue will also come to your attention. This is a month when it feels best to get off some place on your own and listen to some soothing music.

CAPRICORN: For you Capricorn there is a focus on partnerships and the cost of partnerships. It is also about how relationships can be very transforming and help a person evolve and change. It also brings on a greater awareness of power plays and issues within a relationship. You are more out in the world right now and this too can have an effect on you and your partnership. Expenses in general could be an issue right now. Logical thought will be very fruitful right now and can help you and others gain a better perspective. The computer or computer technology could also be highlighted.

AQUARIUS: Not so unusual for you Aquarius to feel alone even when you are among friends. This month also highlights friends that are far away or friends where you don’t feel you have much in common with, maybe people you are just getting to know in a new circumstance. Your intuition is spot on right now. It also seems others are sharing their pain with you. So when you are bonding it might be over someone’s pain. (Physical, mental or emotional.) New beginnings are also featured this month, perhaps something that has already began but you can now focus on it again. Something new could also be related to something you do on your own.

PISCES: Communication is featured this month, but mostly the ability to make things clear. Right now things may seem a bit fuzzy to you. But continue to use your compassion in dealing with others. There are some situations you are likely to run into that will not follow the traditional protocol or procedure. It won’t be limited to people who are special, actually it is also about animals that are different. There could be sadness due to the loss of a pet, but it may be the turning point with regard to pets as well.

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