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New Moon Predictions for June 27, 2014

June 10, 2014

ARIES: The unpredictable nature of life can be very oppressing at times. Surprises can tend to bring about more complications. It might be a good time to take a few days off. You want so badly to accomplish your goals, but it may be that you need to depend on others. Group activities are featured there can be more support when working with others. Co-dependency issues could come to your attention. Getting time off or withdrawing when you can brings some relief and peace.

TAURUS: working alone or in the background can be more rewarding right now. It maybe that you are feeling more spiritual or more connected to the point of wanting to give more of yourself. Body image comes to your attention; sometimes it will merely be that you want to look good. But pay attention to either your lower body right now or perhaps even something going on in arms or shoulders. Watch that you or others are not over-reacting, as there could be a tendency toward this in the coming month.

GEMINI:   Feeling very much in demand this month. You are certainly on the go! There could be something about love relationships or a love partnership where you might feel like, “Here we go again.” It is also a good time to take care of things and clean things up, particularly in those situations you feel are very chaotic.   Information now can be very clarifying and although this is what you thought it would be. It is still not exactly what you thought it would be. With knowledge and clarity be wary of blame!

CANCER: It is coming to your time Cancer! This is generally when you feel your best and you’re most confident. With that said there is also an awareness of self-worth and how much you are valued by others. There could be some attention to children, particularly children of siblings. It is also important to maintain good boundaries this month, particularly with those you love. As you feel so good right now it will be important to watch over-doing it or over-indulging. There could also be some importance on foods or even meals.

LEO: Home and family are featured this month, but so is the idea of your home being a peaceful place. It may be a time when you are excited about photographs. Very likely they will be family photos.   Pictures of children are featured, whether your own children or other children in the family. It may also be a month when you might be paying attention to requirements of those in authority. There may even be an encounter with an authority figure, from bankers to doctors and everything in between.

VIRGO: A month featuring slow endings and paying attention to schedules. It may be that you are questioning the advice of another or vise versa. Rejections or even decisions can bring on a sense of “gloom and doom.” Endings could have a touch of sadness to them. There will also be a situation or two where you feel you are sacrificing a part of yourself on some level, something you are just giving in to, so to speak. Self expression and the ability to creatively express who you are can be very important right now. Be wary of private or confidential information.

LIBRA: It tends to be what you don’t know that can be your weakness this month. Things can feel as though there is nothing you can do to avoid things. It is good to listen to your inner voice right now when it comes to your work or your goals. Feeling that you have to depend on others is something else that shows up this month. There also seems to be many contacts and connections. Business lunches or dinners also show up here. There is a real focus on your daily routine and work. You can be very aggressive and even very excited about something going on at work.

SCORPIO:   May be feeling very restricted now by your daily responsibilities. There can be a great deal of chaos from those things that are out of control. Your mind and memory does better if you can find a way to withdraw. Memories have a way of testing you. There could be other areas where you feel you have to stick it out and endure. The days and what’s happening around you can bring clarity. The early morning hours are highlighted for this month. Be wary that the stress of your daily routine can have an effect on your health. Make sure to eat well and get plenty of rest.

SAGITTARIUS:   Relationships and one on one partnerships are featured. This is a month when you could help out another when they are in their 11th hour.   But it could also be you who is in need of help. Here again the month features help whether getting it or giving it. The idea of community or family is important and there are matters where “just rewards” are now possible. It may be a time when you are dealing with family members or homes of the partner. It will likely be a month where there is some attention paid to the past or passing events.

CAPRICORN: Through other people and the resources of others you yourself could undergo transformations from the awareness. Certainly you are more aware of power plays and manipulations this month. Knowing when and when not to speak out could be a huge lesson this month. It won’t always be easy to figure out what to do. Sometimes it will be, not knowing what to say to someone in a sad situation, but in other cases it can cause sadness! There is also something here about partners who take risks!

AQUARIUS: Could find that you are absorbed by your work or career and focusing on the future. A house or building is also calling your attention. It is a time when you can be more logical, a great time for those who do astrology. People can feel cut off or on their own.   It is a time that perhaps doing it alone is more rewarding. Being more independent but bonding with others who are also very independent this month. Some situations could be painful, if not to you to someone close to you. It is also a time when your intuition could be finely tuned.

PISCES: Beginnings are highlighted, particularly the beginnings of being of being separated by something or someone else and being on your own. Things may seem unclear at the moment. But at the end of this endless mist there is great clarity. This is a time of great healing in your life ultimately leading to stronger version of yourself. Pay attention the idea of graves and funerals will come to your attention. Much can be learned when you think outside the box.   Group activities are highlighted, in particular things like support groups.



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