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Moon in the sign of Capricorn

January 31, 2014

Coming off of the sign of adventure and philosophy we now find ourselves with a very different energy.  Capricorn is the sign that is ruled by Saturn.  Saturn has been called the task master or the enforcer of lessons.  With that said the energy is that of discipline and structure, it is about following the rules and protocols.  It is not the most nurturing of energies.  This is said to be the weakest of the Moon signs because its own energy is very opposite that of what we feel the Moon represents.

The energy of Capricorn can be distant because it is so focused on more practical and often more material matters.  There is a strong need for material security, which is good for saving and accumulating funds.  Now when the Moon travels through the sign of Capricorn, one might be more aware of things like getting to work on time, making sure all the protocols or procedures are taken care of.  There is a great deal of discipline and even a sense of responsibility which can feel a bit restrictive.  A day when people are more serious in their behavior, in some ways more behaved.

It is important depending how you are personally affected by this energy that you don’t become too pessimistic, or too depressive.  It is important to be aware of our responsibilities and restrictions but it can get carried away and actually depress those who feel they are either not owning up or they are over-whelmed with what they have to do or deal with in life or the job.  But often these things that restrict us also bring us stability and security.  Discipline and following the protocols are necessary to eventual success.

So when the time comes for the energy of the Moon to move into the sign of Capricorn it might be a good time to do that special something that requires a bit of discipline and maybe even executive ability.  Create a more organized work space or home office during the sojourn through Capricorn.  It may be a good time to take care of meetings regarding work projects or activities you might want to see get set up for the future.  Setting things up for more security in the future is a great way to use the energy of the Capricorn Moon.

There is an ability to put these things to the surface during this time. A time to deal with organizing and setting up even those things that are not so much fun,

Like those born with the Moon in Capricorn in their natal charts, it gives a great deal of energy to taking care of not only one’s self but anyone else they are responsible for.  It makes one more aware of the need for stability and security from a financial or material perspective.  They are likely to sacrifice even time with their own families to ensure their futures and their finances.  They can appear very distant to others, but that is because they are so absorbed in the process of gaining that needed security and stability.

Just think of the time the Moon spends in Capricorn as a time to take care of those tasks that require a bit of organization.  This is a time when it is more appropriate to be more serious and more focused on one’s goals or their achievements in their job.


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