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Moon transiting through Libra:

November 24, 2013

Moving along with the Zodiac the next sign is that of Libra.  Just taking a look at this energy by itself, we see the ideal of balance.  Balance and harmony are keywords with this Libra energy.  When looking back at the previous sign of Virgo and the necessity for that idea of perfection, we see in Libra perfection.  We have first the harvest and then the full beauty of Autumn.  From Virgo to Libra from September to October.  It does seem very fitting.

Libra is about beauty and harmony.  Even things like “justice” come under the energy of Libra.  This all sounds so good for a Moon day! A great day to buy art or to flirt with that someone special.  There could even a stronger awareness of the beauty of nature.  For those looking for that special outfit, today might be your day.  But with the energy of Libra, realize you might be spending a bit as well. There is no price to high for that something special.  Anything beautiful is likely to catch your eye! 

This is not an energy that is conservative with finances, so there is likely to be some bigger spending for most while the Moon is running through Libra. This will be true for particularly those who don’t have good financial awareness.  This is also an energy that can “justify” things.  It is a time when if you are in a disagreement you could reconcile. During this time people are more likely to be able to compromise, to see the other person’s side.

This is a very kind energy, compliments are common place.  The appreciation people can have for one another can play a significant role during those days when the Moon is running through Libra. Overall people can be  kinder to one another, more tolerant and more patient.  A great way to use this energy is to resolve and old conflict, compromise on an important issue.  Making use the gracious and kinder energies.

So many ways to use this energy!  If you know someone who has a Moon in Libra, this is not the best place for the Moon as it tends to be weakened in this Air Sign.  The Moon in Libra can be very mental with this emotional energy.  That is why they use the word “weakened.” This is due to the ability of the Libra energy to intellectualize their emotional energy.  With this energy these people could tend to do all they can to avoid any kind of conflict.  There is also an ability to “justify” most things.  This can be good or it can be bad, depending on how it is used by the native.  This is also one of the most indecisive energies!  So don’t count on them making a decision any time soon.  With that said on the days the Sun is in Libra, none of us is likely to be a decisive as we would normally be.

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