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Moon through the sign of Virgo:

October 31, 2013

Starting off with a quick review of the Moon and it’s qualities.  The Moon represents our idea of nurturing and security.  The Moon is the emotional seat of who we are.  In previous posts we looked at it in relation to the Mother and how it rules the Fourth house.  The Fourth house is the house of Mother.  But if we break that down even more we are looking at what makes a person feel secure and nurtured.  On a very basic level food is also considered the under the reign of the Moon.  It does nurturer us as it feeds us nutrients and keeps us alive, literally.  The Moon energy is very much like this we are all strongly affected by it.  As the Sun helps to provide the food, it is the with the Moon energy that we learn to cultivate and work culinary wonders on that food. The nutritional factor is the result of that food.

That naturally brings us to the Virgo energy and how that energy also relates to the Moon energy.  When we think of the Moon in Virgo the first thing that might come to mind is diet or the idea of being of service.  Virgo associated with the sixth house or the house of daily routine, work, diet and health habits.  Thus the idea of being nurtured in the Virgo Moon could have a great deal to do with a healthy diet, or eating better.  Virgo is also a sign of service, again as associated with the sixth house.  Therefore the idea of nurturing or support might come through being of service to someone else.  Actually, a great way to use Virgo Moon energy would be to take care of a loved one, be of service to those who are in need.

The downside of this energy can be it’s perfectionism tendencies.  This is not just something that is applied to others, but within oneself.  This can make for critical disposition.  This idea of perfection and the need to have things just so, can be used in good ways as well.  Great time to put a room in order, specially the home office.  Virgo as a sign is ruled by Mercury.  Mercury relates to all kinds of communications. Paperwork in particular is very much apart of that Virgo energy.  

In general it can be a good sign for organizing, this includes organizing and taking care of another.  For a Virgo Moon things being orderly can be very nurturing and feeling more secure.  Security comes from being there for another and being not only of service to them but to also handle the details whatever they might be.  

Needless to say those who might have a Virgo Moon by birth really need to be of service to others.  Like a Virgo Sun, the Virgo Moon is very common among caregivers.  Nursing in general, where all the care they provide is also documented, describes this energy well.  Secretaries or administrative assistants can also fit this energy.

For the rest of us, let’s take advantage of that energy by clearing our offices.  By catching up on correspondences.  Taking someone out to dinner in a healthy restaurant, or better yet cooking it for them at home.   Be of service to yourself or to someone else.  Maybe you are more mindful of how someone else speaks from how they enunciate their words to give more meaning to what is being said. 


Just a reminder that you can find more predictive work under New Moon Predictions.  Take a look, it is updated each month to correspond to the New Moon.

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