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Asteroids and the Planets: Together what are they saying?

August 4, 2013

Having taken some time off from my own writing this summer, due to changes in my other job and being very busy with both jobs, it feels good to be back.  It is time to look at something new, something so simple it makes astrology fun.

Each of the Planets are in the signs and spaces making their own conversations with one another.  But they also have little rocks come into their space, so to speak. This will color their messages and those conversations with those planets that come into conversation with that planet.  The fun thing about this is that asteroids are very simple in their energy unlike their more complicated planet energies.   Asteroids will add a few key words or key concepts to the planet is runs with. 

This is going to be true of the asteroids when they also oppose or square a planet as well.  But for this post, let’s concentrate on conjunctions.  Direct hits can make the energy a bit more obvious, making this a great way to begin the journey.

Here are some fun examples:

Uranus conjunct Pythia at 12 degrees of Aries, could indicate that changes and unpredictable sudden events whether nature or mankind will not go as expected.  As a matter of fact, it will seem that you can get real close and calling it, but in the end it will not be what you thought. This will be true of sudden events and inspirations.

Eurydike is coming to make a connection to Venus at17-18 degrees of Virgo, here you want to pay attention to issues related to dependency and the idea that being dependent is not love.  Dependencies could also be financial in nature.

Jupiter running with Pallas and Phaethon at 9 degrees of Cancer makes right now a good time to purchase a car.  Financial Strategy and planning work  well here.  It is also a good time to deal with those things that have gotten out of control.  It also brings to mind the idea that expansion of any kind, will have to be planned so not to get out of control.

North Node is running with Siwa 12 degrees of Leo, here we are meeting new people and making connections while on vacation or time off.  It can also indicate those places where the idea of noise comes into play. While the South Node is running with Hygiea at 12 degrees of Aquarius making it important to clean up.  Dirty whether around you or the clothes you wear will make you feel worse, so clean up.  Take time off in order to clean up.

Mars is running with Kassandra at 16 degrees of Cancer, so make sure you and others are listening to what is being said.  It also puts a great deal of energy into giving and getting advice.  Energy can in general be put into any kind of instruction.

Moon and Sun running with Vesta, particularly the 6th of August during the New Moon at 14 degrees of Leo, very close to what we refer to as the Aries point. This will give the whole world a good does of this energy.  The idea of Friendship and what that means will come to our attention.  Long distant relationships as well as work related connections will be of interest. It is also about the security we each feel when we belong to a larger group. 

There are just a few “samplings” to wet our whistle and create even more excitement and interest in the little rocks we refer to as Asteroids.

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